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Property Details

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What to Look for in Apartments for Rent

Once you have narrowed down your list of apartments that you'd potentially like to rent, you need to visit and inspect the apartments personally. But before looking at any apartments make a list of questions that you'd like to ask the landlord about the apartment. Take a pen and paper along to jot down your observations of all the apartments you see.

Lease Options

When you meet with the landlord, ask about the following fees you may encounter when renting there and how frequently (monthly, annually, etc.): application fees, security deposit, pet fees, maintenance and repair charges, security gate opener or key charges. Find out from the landlord about the rent, late fees, and penalty fees in case you want to vacate the apartment before your lease ends. Ask the landlord if the utilities -- water, gas, electricity -- are included in the rent. Some buildings offer multiple lease length options, so be sure you know what's available to you before signing anything.

Meeting with the landlord in person also affords you the opportunity of asking about the types of neighbors you will have in the building and neighborhood if you move in. Try to determine if it's a good fit for you.

Inspect the Apartment

When you walk through the apartment check all the appliances and see that they are in good working condition. Check with the landlord about the lifespan or age of each appliance. Ensure that the water and toilet system are in good working condition and that there is no leakage or clogging in the drains. Examine the sinks and bathtubs closely and see that they are not chipped or broken. Look for signs of vermin or signs warning of pesticides.

Research the Apartment

Find out how old the apartment building is, if the apartments have been built by reputable builders, and check for signs of neglect. If there are amenities available in the apartments, be sure to visit them all -- laundry, pool, gym -- to see them for yourself. Check all the amenities thoroughly and ensure that they are being well maintained. If possible and if you can do so unobtrusively, ask a tenant whether the building manager and maintenance staff are efficient and responsible.

Neighborhood Survey

No matter how great the apartments look online, you need to drive or walk around the neighborhood where the apartments are located. Make sure that there are grocery stores, laundromats or cleaners, gas stations, and other services you need close to the apartments. Research the crime rate of the neighborhood and find out where the nearest police station, fire department, and hospital are. Visiting the building and area at different times of the day will give you more insight about the noise levels in the apartments and what kind of people frequent the area.

Once you select an apartment from the apartment listings, all you need to do is select a moving day, move into your new place, and start your new life. Get to it!