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Apartment Gardening: Stretch Your Budget

April 21, 2013 | Everyday Savings, Ways to Save

Apartment gardening is not only a great solution of how to save money on food, it also ensures that you won’t have to worry about any sort of pesticides or unnatural chemicals in your food! Whether it’s cold outside or you live in an apartment with no outdoor space, you’ll be surprised as to how much you save–and how much better your food tastes–with homegrown herbs!

Get Started

Plants need light whether they are inside or outside, so you’ll want to find the sunniest spot in your apartment–and make sure to keep up with rotating plants so they don’t lean to one side. If you’ve got big, tall windows, you may want to build a couple shelves so you can have an entire wall of veggies and herbs! You won’t need too large of pots for herbs, so gather a few old cans from soups or sauces, take off the label, and you’ve got the perfect planter. If you’re going to plant tomatoes, small peppers, radishes or lettuce, you may need slightly larger pots.

Choosing Your Herbs

You may get overly excited and want to have every herb on the face of the sun in your apartment garden, but let’s face it–you’re living in a small space, and having a ton of herbs to take care of can be overwhelming. What types of veggies and herbs do you like cooking with the most? If you’re looking for tips for saving money on groceries, it’s best to stick with what you’ll use most frequently. Once you get a green thumb, you can expand your herb horizons!

Planting the Herbs

When you’re planting the herbs, you’ll want to put some river rocks at the bottom to help with drainage and prevent root rot. Then, plant the seeds or transfer the plant from its container and fill your planter almost all the way up with soil. Water it generously, and check the soil regularly to keep the leaves from drooping. Because indoor air can get a little dry, it may be helpful to place a container of water next to your plants.

Give Them Some Air

Plants can suffer from stagnant or smoky air, so try to open up your window as much as you can to give them some fresh air–they are used to the outdoors after all! Plants grow the best at about 65-75 degrees during the day, and about 10 degrees cooler at night, so you’ll want to make sure the apartment is warm during the winter, especially because many apartments have drafty windows.

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