As May 5th takes place on a Saturday this year, Cinco De Mayo is the perfect time to throw a low-cost apartment party! Using these tips from, you’ll learn how to turn your apartment into a full-fledged taqueria, complete with Mexican cocktails, appetizers, and decorations.

Despite popular belief, Cinco De Mayo is actually not Mexico’s celebration of Independence Day. Mexicans celebrate each year on May 5th to commemorate the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle of Puebla in 1862. Traditionally, the holiday is observed in the Mexican state of Puebla, but the celebration has spread to the United States, especially in areas with a high population of Mexican-Americans. Today, Cinco De Mayo is celebrated with traditional Mexican foods, beverages, and customs.

Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

First and most importantly, are the cocktails. Since Mexico is famous for its tequila, it’s popular for a variety of tequila-infused cocktails to be used in Cinco De Mayo celebrations. In addition to the traditional margarita, also try the México Lindo, made with tequila, lemon, and a splash of Curaçao. While you’re out at the liquor store, be sure to pick up some Dos Equis and Coronas—and don’t forget the limes!

Authentic Mexican Appetizers

Before you sip on a festive cocktail, be sure to prepare some easy and authentic Mexican appetizers for your guests. The quintessential homemade guacamole, served alongside tortilla chips is sure to get your guests in the spirit of the Mexican culture. For a sweet and healthy variation on plain old salsa and tortilla chips, try making Apple Pear Salsa with Cinnamon Chips. Black Bean Quesadillas, Appetizer Tortilla Pinwheels Recipe, and some Southwestern Nachos will be simple to prepare, without making a heavy dent in your wallet.

Decorations for Your Fiesta

Lastly, a few simple decorations will help to bring the energy and color of Mexico into your apartment. Any Cinco De Mayo party would not be complete without some sombreros, a banner of the Mexican flag, and if you’re feeling nostalgic, a piñata! These items can be purchased from your local party supply store, and are easy to clean up. To really get the Mexican culture in the air, you can play the Cinco De Mayo radio station on Pandora, and if you have people who love to dance at your party, they can learn how to salsa dance for free, via YouTube!

Using these tips, you can celebrate Cinco De Mayo on a tight budget. The decorations can be stored for future celebrations, and leftovers from the party will be a perfect excuse not to pack lunch for tomorrow.

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