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Apartment Rental Tips: Getting Mom’s Approval on Your Apartment

May 12, 2011 | Apartment Lifestyle, Everyday Living

A mother is the ultimate superwoman: a friend, caretaker, cook, teacher, therapist, businesswoman and more. Therefore, it’s no surprise that if motherhood were a profession, the annual salary would amount to over $115,000!  So in the spirit of celebrating this year’s “Mother’s Month,” we came up with a few mother-approved apartment tips to show our appreciation for all 85.4 million mothers in the U.S.

The only thing more difficult than passing a credit check is receiving the stamp of approval from your mother on your new apartment. Despite how old we are, a mother’s opinion remains valued, so why not trust your mother’s insight on your next apartment? Although many moms cite spa days and gift cards as desired gifts, we are convinced that they also enjoy helping us to find the perfect apartment and create a home environment. Regardless of whether you are fresh out of college and moving into your first apartment, or well into your career, the following apartment rental tips are sure to receive your mother’s stamp of approval.

  • Cleanliness: There are few things that push a mother off the edge, but a messy or dirty home is usually one of them. To avoid an unhappy situation, carve out time to tidy up before you mom heads into town for a visit. If you are apartment hunting, consider a property that is well-maintained by staff or easy to clean yourself. Take note of where the waste facilities are located, and factor in costs associated with cleaning on a regular basis. Whether you plan to clean yourself or hire a service, make sure the apartment has been given a once over to ensure two thumbs up from your mom!
  • Kitchen for Two (or more): Some mothers may consider the kitchen to be their playground; however, for many of us, the kitchen is meant for more than just cooking. Wipe down the kitchen counters and stock your fridge before your mom’s visit. Not only will she be impressed with your sophisticated lifestyle, she might even be compelled to cook a few comforting dishes during her stay. In addition to being a spot to prepare meals, the kitchen can also be the perfect location to bond with your mother. Sit at the table and catch up with a cup of tea or ask her to share a few traditional family recipes. It’s all about creating memories together!
  • Over-Priced is a No-No: According to a recent Citibank survey, 38 percent of Americans inherit their mother’s habits when it comes to finances. Therefore, consider applying your mother’s money-managing skills and intuition to your apartment search, to ensure that your next pad isn’t over-priced. You’ll be glad to save a bit of money each month, and your mom will be equally proud.
  • Location is Everything: If you’re close to your mom and enjoy her company on a regular basis, opt for an apartment within reasonable distance from her home. Living close by will allow you to easily plan lunch dates or activities without the burden of turning your mom’s visit into a vacation or weekend stay. The main concern of most mothers is safety, so give her a tour of your facility (flagging the doorman or security system that’s in place), and give her a tour of the neighborhood. Your mom will immediately be more comfortable about your living arrangements if she’s sure that you’ll be safe.
  • Searching for a Great Roommate: In a perfect world, your mother will want to know (and approve of) the people you are living with. As a rule of thumb, potential roommates should be kind, respectable and trust-worthy. Believe us when we say that your overall happiness will improve if your roommates are individuals whom you can count on!

Let’s face it:  We all love our mothers, and they only want what’s best for us (regardless of how old we are). With this in mind, consider our tips and use mom’s advice when searching for a new place. You never know—your new place could be so fabulous that mom might ask you to host the next family get-together!

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