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Decorate Your Apartment with Posters: It’s Easy, Creative and Cost Effective!

May 10, 2012 | Apartment Décor, DIY Home Improvement

Once you’ve secured the perfect apartment (using of course!), a costly next step comes your way: decorating. Even for those renters who are crunched for space, plenty of potential rent money can be put toward apartment décor items, which may leave you strapped for cash when that first month of rent is due.

Instead of stressing about purchasing expensive wall paintings and artwork, why not try a good old decorative trick used in college? Using these tips from, decorate with posters for an easy, cost-effective, and creative way to decorate your apartment.

If you’re a recent graduate moving into your first place, bring your dorm room posters with you! It’s easy to frame a poster of your favorite sports team, movie, or quote for a classier touch, while saving money on expensive artwork.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large living area in your apartment, you can use posters to build a theme within that room. For example, if you wanted to build a sports theme on the walls around your television, this could be done on a budget of only $28! For less than the price of a generic framed wall print, you could have a poster of Yankee Stadium, famous NFL players or Muhammad Ali.

Since many apartments lack some amenities, posters can be used as a replacement that will show you have a sense of humor about your digs. Buying a fireplace poster is probably easier than asking your landlord for one to be installed in your apartment. Or, you can have some great motivation to work hard and save money for a vacation by looking at this sunrise on the beach as you wake up in the morning.

Until you begin to make the big bucks in your career and can afford your dream penthouse apartment, decorating with posters can be a great way to save money, while adding a personal and fun flair to your apartment walls.

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