Decorating Tips for Blank White Walls

Decorating Tips for Blank White Walls

November 11, 2013 | Apartment Décor, DIY Home Improvement

One of the best parts about moving into a new apartment is the fact that you get to transform it into a space all your own. Think of your blank walls as a canvas that you can fill with anything you like. Don’t just limit yourself to picture frames–there are plenty of ways to infuse your walls with warmth, personality and life. Check out these simple decorating tips for a fun space:

A Collage of Mirrors

Head to the store and choose a wide variety of mirrors of all shapes and sizes. Then, fill a blank wall with them for a collage of mirrors. Not only does it create a dramatic statement, but it also helps reflect natural light throughout your space to make it appear larger.


Hang Floating Shelves

Hang a few floating shelves on the wall and fill them with various frames, antique books, flowers or pieces of art. In order to make this display pop, consider painting the shelves a color that contrasts with the white wall.


Wall Decals

If you know you’re someone who likes to frequently switch up the design of your place, you’ll want to opt for wall decor that can easily be swapped out for something else. Wall decals are perfect for this. Choose from a wide variety of designs and colors to fit your style and put them anywhere in your apartment, from the bathroom to the kitchen.


DIY Artwork

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on super expensive art to put on display. Instead, you can make creative pieces all on your own without spending much money. You can take brightly colored or patterned scrapbook paper, wall paper or wrapping paper and put it in a decorative frame of your choice for a quick and easy way to decorate any wall in your apartment.

Another easy DIY wall art project would be to paint a blank canvas a color of your choice and then use gold-colored thumbtacks to create a chic pattern. Check out our Pinterest board for more DIY artwork inspiration.


Fake Headboard

If you don’t have a headboard for your bedroom but don’t want to leave the wall behind your bed blank, there are plenty of DIY options to fake a headboard. Hang string lights behind a sheer curtain for a romantic look, or personalize your space with a photo display above the bed.


Use Repurposed Items

There may be items around your apartment that can also work as art for your blank walls. For example, an old, decorative serving tray can add the perfect touch to a bedside area or living room. Check out your local thrift store or flea market for more unique finds.


Just Frames

It might sound weird at first, but you don’t actually have to put anything in your frames to create beautiful apartment walls. Collect a variety of frames from thrift stores and garage sales for an inexpensive, yet artistic way to fill that blank space.



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