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Don’t Let Apartment Living Spook Your Halloween Celebration

October 19, 2011 | Apartment Lifestyle, Everyday Living

Halloween is right around the corner, which means that your neighbors will soon be donning their most frightful, fiendish fashions (or possibly paying homage to their favorite movie character) as they roam the streets in search of sweet treats. While trick-or-treaters traditionally run from yard to yard in their quest for candy, don’t let apartment living take the fun out of Halloween!

Here are a few reasons why Halloween enthusiasts and trick-or-treaters alike will enjoy haunting the halls of apartment buildings.

Seven Reasons Apartment Halloween Celebrations Rock:

  1. Less Tricking, More Treating: Instead of wasting energy and time running from door to door, trick-or-treaters will find that apartment buildings are the perfect location for high yield treats. Just step a few feet down and instantly you are at the next door, and more importantly, have just snagged your next piece of candy!
  2. No More Bundle-Up Blues: Let’s be honest, that coat may not match that perfectly planned, ghoulish garb, and yet, it’s too cold outside to trick-or-treat without it. Fortunately, apartment dwellers need not ruin their look with a bundle of layers; the weather in most apartments is notably mild.
  3. Separation Anxiety, Be Gone: With multitudes of trick-or-treaters dressed to impress, or at least to scare, it can be easy to lose track of your group or your family. In the cozy halls of an apartment complex, parents and children alike can spend less time worrying about getting separated, and more time seeking out their favorite treats!
  4. Do without the Danger Zone: Neighborhoods are full of busy streets, and while there is usually less traffic volume during Halloween, the roads can be a dangerous place for pranksters who may not be paying attention to the approaching car, especially as it gets dark. Luckily, you can avoid any scary street scuffles by simply staying in the apartment building or complex, minimizing any chance for an accident.
  5. Treating Then Retreating: With less time spent wandering from door to door in search of sweets, apartment-based trick-or-treating can also be advantageous to the candy distributors who are looking to make it to their own fright fest. The less time it takes to trick or treat, the quicker you can retreat to your friend’s party down the street, without leaving your neighboring Halloween-goers clamoring for candy.
  6. Host with the Most: Apartment dwelling candy distributors can also accomplish two feats—or frights!—at once, proving they are the ultimate entertainer. How? Host a fabulous fright fest in your apartment, guaranteeing your guests a night of fun without leaving trick-or-treaters with a darkened door!
  7. Quantity and Quality: Band together with your neighboring Halloween enthusiasts and create a theme for your entire floor! When trick-or-treaters arrive, they will be surprised and delighted by your devilish decorations. Themes like witches and wizards, angelic fairylands or frightful scarecrows are always good fun! Just add candy and you’re all set.

Sounds fun right? Look out for our next post where we share tips for how to get your apartment complex on board and excited for a Halloween event this year!

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