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Easy DIY Projects for the Weekend Warrior

April 19, 2013 | DIY Home Improvement, Handy How-Tos

Do you sit in your apartment staring at blank walls that just need a little TLC? Worried about spending your grocery money on decor? No problem! DIY apartment decorating is inexpensive, plus your duds will be completely and totally you. Here are some easy DIY projects you can do in one weekend.

Personalized Wall Art

DIY wall decorating can be super simple and budget-friendly. If you have a bunch of Polaroid pictures or small postcards, hang them on the wall with tape on the back or small tacks with just a little bit of space between each photo. Want something truly unique? Wrap this wall art around a corner for an edgy vibe!

If you’ve got some old fabric lying around, purchase some inexpensive frames and paint and make a wall centerpiece. Use funky patterns and bold colors in the frames, which will really pop if your walls are plain ‘ole white.

Stencil Fun

You may remember stencils from your childhood, but stencils can be chic and modern, and are the perfect way to add pattern and a pop of color to your wall! Can’t paint on your wall? Get a large frame and create a custom piece of art with a stencil. Are you digging the chevron pattern that’s all the rage this season? You can create this look on a canvas with painters tape! Simply apply tape in the chevron pattern and then slather on the paint! Carefully pull off the tape, and you’ve got yourself a stylish piece of wall art.

If you’re looking to create a totally customized piece of wall art, pick up a pack of smaller canvases from a craft store–different sizes and shapes can work, too! Use the same color on all the canvases, or shake it up by using different shades on each.

Make an Urban Garden

Do you have outdoor space? Gardening may seem like a tedious task, especially for those with no green thumb, but it can actually be super simple. Summer is coming–we promise, it’s just around the corner–and with some cinder blocks and plants, you can create a wall of greenery!

Pull out the big guns (those arms you’ve been working on), and arrange the blocks so a few select ones are sticking out, which is where the plants go. Use some chicken wire at the bottom so soil doesn’t fall out, and you’ve got yourself an industrial-chic planter!

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