Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for an Updated Look

Easy Spring Decorating Ideas for an Updated Look

April 14, 2014 | Apartment Décor, DIY Home Improvement

Your home decor might still be in the shadow of winter, but spring is here! It’s time to remove those rich tones and heavy fabrics and replace them with fresh, seasonal elements. Check out these super easy spring decorating ideas to get the light look you want:

Use Natural Inspiration

Spring is a time of rebirth, regeneration, and growth—birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and your apartment should come alive, too! Use the outdoor elements of spring to inspire your home decor.

[How to Make a Wine Bottle Flower Planter]

That could mean buying fresh flowers or planters to bring some life indoors, or finding pillow covers that feature simple leaf patterns. Bird, flower, plant and animal motifs are the perfect way to express the vivaciousness of the season.

Choose Organic Shapes

Your lamps, throw pillows, and wall art can use natural elements for spring decorating. Simply choose items that have organic shapes, such as circles, ovals, and curves. Hang a round mirror, choose a curvy vase, or make a floral wreath. Use plants as your inspiration for the right kinds of shapes.

Lighten it Up

No need to protect your apartment from the cold any longer! Swap out those heavy fabrics with light, airy alternatives and you’ll instantly feel the brightness of spring.

Tackling your curtains is a great place to start. Window covers are a simple decoration that make huge impact on a room. Thick curtains are great for fall and winter, but now you want to let in light and air. Pick a sheer curtain that will move in the wind and promote the flow of natural light.

You can also swap thick throw blankets and bedding for thinner versions. Strip those flannel sheets and swap them with cotton springtime patterns!

Make Small Changes

You don’t have to completely change all the details in your apartment for an updated decor look—simply replace a few key elements. Pillowcases, throw blankets, wall art, curtains, and ornaments are all super easy to swap.

If your throw pillows don’t have removable cases, you can put a cover over them. Duvet covers are another great option for an inexpensive updated look. These linens slip over your comforter to give it a whole new design.


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