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Eco-Friendly Apartment Decorating Tips

March 24, 2011 | Apartment Lifestyle, Green Living

Last February, we conducted a survey to determine how important green apartment living was to Americans. The results were staggering: a majority 86 percent of Americans would prefer to live in an eco-friendly apartment, when given the choice! Although finding the ideal eco-friendly apartment can sometimes be difficult, making minor (and affordable) changes to your daily routine can make a big difference.

Switching to sustainable materials can both improve the look of your living space as well as bring you one step closer to your eco-friendly dream home. For example, soy-based products, recycled materials and bamboo can all help to create a “greener” apartment while still remaining affordable. Consider eco-friendly furniture by avoiding big warehouse brands and instead searching for pieces at local stores and boutiques. Teak, sustainable bamboo and 100 percent organic cotton and wool are a few reliable resources to look out for when shopping for eco-friendly furniture.

Consider light fixtures that are energy-efficient and made with recycled goods, such as glass bottles. Finding a local lighting store, commissioning a local artist or making one yourself is a great way to ensure an exceptional piece that is worth every penny. Not only will it be eco-friendly, but your unique fixture will also be a showstopper, allowing you to showcase your one-of-a-kind find to guests!

If you’re tired of boring white walls, with your landlord’s approval, consider painting them neutral colors for a fresh look. Soy paint is a durable and non-toxic alternative that reduces indoor pollution. You can also enhance your living space with organic cotton throw pillows made with raw materials and recycled goods for a contemporary look with an organic feel.

If your kitchen or bathroom needs a face lift, consider adding an eco-friendly touch such as a bamboo mat. Bamboo is both durable and water resistant, and of course, also environmentally-friendly. If you’d prefer an alternative to bamboo, try creating your own all-natural wine cork bath mat that is both biodegradable and gives a new purpose to wine corks!

Going green can guarantee long-lasting pieces and low maintenance without hurting your wallet. With affordable and high-quality furniture and décor available, you can create an eco-friendly atmosphere that looks fresh, simple and contemporary in no time!

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