Everyday Apartment Cleaning Tips

Everyday Apartment Cleaning Tips

September 4, 2013 | Apartment Lifestyle, Everyday Living

No one likes to spend their entire Saturday afternoon apartment cleaning–so keep your pad fresh and clean without much effort. In just 30 minutes or less each day, you can maintain the cleanliness of your entire space. If it works for you, create a checklist that has bathroom and kitchen cleaning tips to follow each day, so there’s no rapid-fire clean ups when company comes over–we all do it, but it’s not the way to keep a sparkling apartment.

Apartment Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom

As one of the most frequently used and bacteria-infested rooms in your apartment, the bathroom is often at the bottom of the list for cleaning. But because of this, bathroom cleaning tips are super important. You don’t have to get down and dirty every day to scrub up this space, but a simple wipe down will keep bacteria at bay.

  • Grab a surface wipe–preferably one that is biodegradable and all-natural–and give your sink a cleaning. Swipe the entire sink bowl, handles and counter space. Don’t forget the mirror!

  • Wipe down the toilet seat and rim with a cloth and cleaning product. Once you notice a ring around the bowl of the toilet, it’s time to scrub with a brush.

  • Mist the shower and shower curtain liner with a daily cleanser that reduces the buildup of mildew and soap scum so you don’t have to make an event out of it when that yucky substance builds up.

Apartment Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

The kitchen is another big space that needs apartment cleaning regularly, especially if you love to cook and don’t have a dishwasher. Before you know it, you have bacteria thriving on dirty dishes and a not-so-pleasant aroma lingering around.

  • Clear the sink of dirty dishes and wipe it down with soap and hot water. If you have a dishwasher, this will be much easier. If you don’t, make sure to stay on top of scrubbing grime off of plates and utensils right after using them.

  • If you notice a spill on the floor, clear it up in a jiffy instead of waiting until you must give the entire floor a scrub down.

  • Cooks and bakers know that the stovetop gets messy and greasy in no time, so take one minute of your day to swipe this clean each day after cooking. Trust us; you won’t regret it.

Apartment Cleaning Tips for the Living Room

The living room may be where you spend the majority of your time, so make an effort to keep it neat and tidy.

  • Clear away products, magazines, books and other things you use on a daily basis after using them so the clean-up process doesn’t get overwhelming. Same goes for larger items like video games, DVDs and laptops.

  • Don’t just dust off the crumbs on your couch, because they aren’t going to disappear! Invest in a small, handheld vacuum to take care of debris in an instant.

What are your best apartment cleaning tips?

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