Holiday Entertaining Tips for a Small Space

December 16, 2011 | Apartment Lifestyle, Everyday Living

The holiday season is here and what makes this time of the year so special is spending time with close family and friends. Entertaining in your apartment is one way to bring all of those closest to you together. However, not everyone has enough space to accommodate a bigger group. There’s no need to stress if you don’t think you have adequate space for a dinner party, if anything, the setting will be that much more intimate. We’ve got a few ideas to make your soirée a success.

Holiday Entertaining Tips for a Small Space:

  • Design More Space: If you have more than one room in your apartment, consider moving any unnecessary furniture or equipment out of the entertaining area and into your bedroom for the night. This will free up additional space for people to mingle, to place a buffet table or chairs, etc. If you need more seating, try larger decorative pillows on the floor around the coffee table. If you have any benches or ottomans around the house, use those as well. Consider pushing any larger furniture pieces you do need against the wall to create more open space in the middle of the room. Lastly, if you have enough space, consider borrowing tables and chairs from friends and neighbors for the night.
  • Set the Mood: Make your small apartment feel festive by decorating. If you don’t have space for a Christmas tree, don’t pout, get creative. Embrace your inner Target Elf and display bowls of colorful shiny ornaments, put poinsettias by the front door and hang stockings on your mantle or wall. Small figurines and decor will bring the room to life. And, don’t forget lighting, nothing creates a nice atmosphere more than the luminous flicker of real candles. Or if you party is outside, tiny white lights always feel magical! With great decor, your guests will hardly notice the small size of the space. Put on some music, turn down the lights and voila, it’s a party!
  • Throw the Right Kind of Party: If you live in a studio apartment or your living space is super small, consider hosting just a happy hour style gathering with finger foods. That way guests don’t need to sit down to use a knife and a fork and there will be plenty of seating for guests to rotate through as they mingle. Plus, since appetizers are cheaper than dinner, you might just save some money for that present you really want to buy for yourself! If you really love to cook and have your heart set on a gourmet dinner party, just keep it to a small group of your closest friends who can all fit at your dining table. Break out the nice dinnerware and enjoy!

We hope these ideas inspire you to get creative with organizing your holiday get-together. Apartments with limited space can make great places for entertaining your guests, so get started on your planning and have some fun.

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