How to Declutter Before a Move

How to Declutter Before a Move

August 30, 2013 | Apartment Hunting, Moving Tips

Have you ever noticed that you accumulate endless amounts of junk after living in an apartment for just a year? Learning how to declutter before moving to a new apartment is simple, and actually quite liberating. Use these moving packing tips to make the transition simpler:


Do you ever find yourself trying to throw away clothes, but changing your mind because you “might wear it someday?” You won’t. Sure, those Billabong shirts were cool at one time, but you’ve grown up and there’s a very slim chance that you’re going to revert back to your old style in the future. These are items that you shouldn’t even think twice about. As far as the rest of your clothing is concerned, go by the year rule: If you haven’t worn it within a year, it’s not worth keeping. Toss these items in a bag and bring them to the nearest Goodwill.


You’ve probably accumulated roughly 10 to 12 pots and pans, dozens of mismatched cups and glasses, and a good handful of bowls and serving dishes. Sure, you love having people over, but it’s just too much! Keep the pans that you use the most often (you know there are only two or three), and give away the rest.


Knowing how to declutter can not only make a move easier, but it can allow you to create a whole new look for yourself in a new space. Of course, you don’t have to get rid of every decorative piece you have, but you know there are a few items you’re just downright sick of looking at. Give them away and don’t even allow yourself to use them “for the time being” in your new pad. There are probably even a few things that you still have lying around from your college years that are best suited for the garbage.

Keepsakes of the Past

If your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend gave you a super rad poster or piece of art, chances are you’re keeping it around just for the look of it. While you might really dig the style, you are not doing yourself a favor by keeping it around. Unless it’s signed by your favorite musician or is a timeless piece of artwork, it’s time to part ways.

Ahhh. That wasn’t that hard, was it? Purging old items can bring up a lot of emotions, but it is just making way for new ones. Plus, by giving these possessions away, you are giving someone else the opportunity to create new memories that they will cherish. Win-win.

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