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How To Do Cardio at Home

April 16, 2013 | Apartment Lifestyle, Everyday Living

Doing cardio in an apartment may seem like an impossible task–unless your workout includes rearranging your furniture! But with a little creativity and a few small pieces of equipment, you can break a sweat with ease. Jumping jacks and mock-jumping rope are great heart-rate boosters, but if you live on the top floor of a building, your neighbors may be less than pleased with your routine. Here are some tips for how to do cardio at home:


Doing cardio at home may mimic 6th grade gym class–but, hey, you’ll see the results! Burpees, mountain climbers, ski jumps and jogging in place torch fat quickly and can be done fairly quietly, so you’re not disturbing your neighbors. Just to be sure, you may not want to this workout late at night or early in the morning.


It may have a silly name, but Piloxing is the latest Hollywood fitness craze–and for good reason! This muscle-sculpting exercise is perfect for a small apartment. A cross between boxing and Pilates, Piloxing takes the best of both exercises and melds them into one. You’ll start out with stretches and strengthening exercises, and then go into a high-powered boxing sequence. Consider this workout a more graceful version of Tae bo. You can find DVDs or videos online for this workout, and you’ll never turn back.

Hula Hooping

So you’ve got a bit of space, but thin walls? Try hula hooping! A 30-minute hula hoop workout can torch 200 calories, and it helps to shape the core, legs and hips–triple whammy. Sure, you may feel like exercising in your apartment takes you back to the playground, but this fun and addictive exercise will not feel so silly once you start to see the results.

Store Your Equipment

When you’re doing cardio at home, your living room quickly becomes a fitness center–and not a clean one at that. Storing weights, a jump rope, resistance bands and anything else can actually be simpler than you think. Invest in a storage ottoman where you can stash heavy items, and use your wall or door space for the rest. An over-the-door hanger gets clutter off the floor and exercise equipment within easy reach. If you like workouts that require you to move and shake, you may want to think about a Murphy bed or futon that allows you to clear space in a cinch.

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