Knowing how to meet your neighbors can be tough, but the benefits of knowing who lives in your building and on your street are innumerable--especially if you have a furry friend living with you!

How to Meet Your Neighbors with Dogs

April 8, 2013 | Apartment Lifestyle, Pet Friendly Advice

Knowing how to meet your neighbors can be tough, but the benefits of knowing who lives in your building and on your street are innumerable–especially if you have a furry friend living with you! Dog owners comprise an entire community and culture that help you discover pet-friendly events, vet recommendations, various amenities and even new friends. By knowing other pet owners in your area, you will begin to realize that pet parents tend to watch out for one another–and one another’s pets.

Use Your Built-in Mutual Interest

Stumped on how to meet your neighbors? It’s easy–just let your dog do the talking! Simply taking Fido for a walk around the neighborhood will draw interest and conversation from other dog walkers–and dogs, of course. You’ll soon know the names of all the “regulars” in your neighborhood, making it easier to enjoy a community vibe.

Teach Old Dogs Old Tricks

Back in the day, no city block was complete without a hound snoozing on a front porch with the owner at his side reading the newspaper. Conjure up this vintage image in your own life! Front porch-centric neighborhoods promote walkability and leisure time spent in common spaces, both of which encourage neighbor interaction. If you’re lucky enough to have a porch, deck or balcony, have a glass of wine outside while your pet lounges at your feet (or runs around like crazy). You’re bound to meet some new friends and create a more cohesive neighborhood vibe.


Unfortunately, not all of us can live on beautiful streets with big porches and clean dog parks. If your neighborhood doesn’t have these attractive features, get to know other pet owners by seeking them out virtually!, as well as a plethora of niche pet forums, allow fellow animal lovers to meet up for playgroups, walking clubs and more. After you’ve met some fellow pet parents, you can work on improving your community together!

Create Your Pet’s Perfect World

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the block’s animal-loving community, you can begin to create a neighborhood that your pet will love. One of the biggest benefits of knowing your neighbors is that you can become actively involved in your community. Wish your block had a dog park? Work with other pet parents to get one started! Does litter keep you from allowing your pup to sniff at leisure? Adopt a street and pick up any garbage that keeps your hood from looking its best.

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