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Junk Drawer Solutions

April 7, 2013 | DIY Home Improvement, Handy How-Tos

You may think that having a catch-all drawer is enhancing your apartment organization by keeping clutter off of the floor and counters, but your junk drawer may just be the thing that’s keeping you from realizing your organizational dreams. To truly organize your apartment and reclaim your junk drawer for the greater good,follow these step-by-step instructions. 

Step 1: Dump

Don’t even think about trying to organize your junk drawer while it’s still full of random household items. If you’ve been accumulating the contents of your junk drawer for some time, you may not even know what you’ll find in there. Dump out your entire drawer, and throw away anything that is obviously garbage–like that old gum wrapper. Then you can begin the process of sorting.

Step 2: Sort

After you’ve removed any trash from the pile, start to sort through your stuff. Remove any paper items, such as menus and maps, and file them elsewhere. Next, separate the remaining items into piles based upon function (tools, craft supplies etc.). Get rid of unnecessary duplicates (you don’t need 50 pens that have run out of ink) and put items that have a specific place in your apartment, such as keys, back where they belong.

3. Categorize

Now that you’ve removed all the junk, decide what you want to keep in your newly-clean drawer. Think about other places you could store some of those items, and find a new home for them within your apartment. The key is to not have your drawer so stuffed full of random items that you have no idea what’s in it, so be thorough.

4. Organize

Now that you have a nice, neat pile of items you want to keep in your drawer, use dividers and containers to keep it organized. You can use everything from ice cube trays, to empty egg cartons, to plastic drawer organizers. Resealable bags and empty baby food jars will also do the trick.

5. Keep it Up

Congratulations! You’ve organized your junk drawer, and now it’s no longer filled with junk. Don’t become the type of person who has to repeat this ritual every few months. You may want to label your drawer, listing the items that it contains, to remind yourself what does and does not belong. If anything you want to place in the drawer doesn’t fit in one of your organizers, find somewhere else to store it. Or, better yet, toss it! The less you clutter up your apartment, the more organized it will be.

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