Lamps add a cozy aesthetic to an apartment that you don’t get from overhead light fixtures. If you are considering a lamp revamp to add style to your pad on a budget, you can turn junk to treasure with a few simple fixes. Whether you want to add a coat of paint to the base of the lamp or bring in new light with DIY lampshades, consider these fun, creative ways to turn grandma’s old floor light into a vibrant décor staple:

Go Bold

Bright, vibrant and bold colors are very in, and can turn a rusty old lamp into a beautiful modern piece that looks like it is from a designer catalog. Choose an orange, turquoise, yellow or green hue for the base of your lamp that embodies the new age vintage style that you’ll find in all the stores. Use a glossy spray paint that will shimmer when the light is turned on. If you prefer a more neutral tone, consider oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel or antique white finish.

Use Materials

Instead of adding a coat of paint to your lamp, use fabric, twine, ribbon or thick wool for a truly unique lamp revamp. Wool or twine will give your fixture a beach-like aesthetic to mesh with maritime décor. If you’re not ready to give your lamp a permanent upgrade, consider adding a large piece of fabric around the base–perfect for a kid’s room!

You can also use fabric for a DIY lampshade in any pattern you’d like. First, measure the lampshade’s height and circumference and cut a piece of fabric that is slightly larger. Make sure to iron this piece of fabric before adding it to the lampshade to take out all the wrinkles. Then, add spray adhesive to the entire lampshade. Carefully and slowly place the fabric over the shade, evening out any bumps. Take the hot glue gun to the inside of the shade – just around the edges – and seal the fabric tight. Once it’s dry, add any embellishments you’d like to give it more character.

For a worldly look, Mod Podge a map to the lamp shade from any country, or even your own city! Vintage maps can be purchased online from places like Paris and London, and they go perfectly in a European-inspired room.

Paint It

Not good with fabric? No worries, you can create a new lampshade with spray paint! You can either add one solid color to the entire shade or use a stencil to add a pattern. When choosing your paint color, you’ll want to go with a softer hue so that light can shine through more easily. Make sure that you are covering the shade evenly with the paint because you’ll be able to tell once the shade is actually illuminated on the lamp.



[Image Source: Flickr – Lia Fagan, Mod Pieces]