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Living on Your Own: Studio vs. 1-Bedroom Apartments

May 2, 2013 | Apartment Hunting, Apartment Hunting Advice

By Niccole Schreck

So you’ve finally decided it’s time–you’re ready to try living on your own. While the prospect of only cleaning up after yourself and not having to worry about your roommates’ late-night escapades is certainly exciting, the first decision you’ll have to make is whether you want to live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment.

Like most things in life, each living situation has its pros and cons (although, thankfully, neither involves sharing a bathroom).

Why Would I Rent a Studio?

In a studio apartment, your living and sleeping areas are in the same room. The kitchen is generally also a part of the large multipurpose room, but may be separated by a counter. The bathroom, however, should always be separate. 

OK, so a studio apartment doesn’t sound like an ideal living situation, but it has its perks! Monthly rent for studio apartment rentals is considerably less than it is for a one-bedroom unit, so it’s perfect for the single person on a budget.

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In addition, because you’ll be living in a small space, you’ll save on electricity because it will take less energy to heat and cool your apartment. Bonus? You won’t need to track down as much furniture to fill your apartment, and it’s less space to clean! And if you have pets, you’ll always know where they are. Studios are ideal for the type of person that doesn’t spend a lot of time at home.

What About the One-Bedroom?

If we haven’t sold you on the studio apartment, or if your budget allows for a little more space to stretch out, one-bedroom apartments are also a fantastic option.

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Because your bedroom is in a separate area, this type of apartment is much more conducive to entertaining (game night, anyone?) It also allows for more privacy when guests come to visit, and will generally be less claustrophobia-inducing than a studio. Although the rent and utility bills will be higher, if you can afford it, a one-bedroom will offer you a more comfortable living situation.


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