Moving into Your First Apartment

Do’s and Don’ts for Moving into Your First Apartment

October 11, 2013 | Apartment Hunting, Moving Tips

Moving into your first apartment can be thrilling and frightening at the same time. Packing may seem like a daunting task, but with some simple moving tips, your relocation will be worry-free.

Do’s for Moving into Your First Apartment

Plan early: First, if you’re hiring a moving company, make sure it has movers available on the day(s) you want to take off. If it does, book them now. You’ll also want time to sort through your possessions, getting rid of things you don’t need or want. From here, you should start packing with plenty of time left.

Get informed: If you are using a moving company and it is available when you need it, do some more research. Verify licenses, get written estimates and take down any phone numbers you may need the day of the big move. You may want to purchase movers insurance as well. That way, if anything goes wrong, your belongings will be covered.

Stock up: Be sure you have all the boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape that you need. You don’t want to be running out for boxes at the last minute! Stores like Costco and Sam’s Club offer moving kits complete with everything you’ll need for storing your things. You can find free boxes at grocery stores and use towels and tissue paper if you don’t want to pay for supplies.

Label: Labeling all your boxes according to room will help the move go smoothly. Have a larger room label and smaller, more detailed notes of what is in the box (e.g.,. Kitchen; pots and pans).

Have a suitcase: Have a separate box or suitcase specifically for the things you’ll need during the move. If you’re on your way to another state or have a long drive ahead, you made need a change of clothing and toiletries. Be sure this bag is near you when traveling.

Get the word out: Let the post office, your bank and others who send you important mail know about your address change. You’ll want your bank statements and magazines coming to the right address!

Have a checklist: Have a list of all the boxes you have neatly labeled along with furniture and important items you can’t live without. Check them off as they are placed in the moving vehicle and again when they are brought into your new home.

Don’ts for Moving into Your First Apartment

Bring everything: You should make sure your new place can fit everything you own. It’s likely that it won’t. If there is anything you don’t absolutely need or want, get rid of it! You don’t want to pay to move something you can’t use anyway. A good way to be sure your things will fit is to take measurements of your new place.

Paperwork: If there’s something in the moving company’s paperwork you don’t understand, don’t sign it. Read everything carefully and talk it over with the mover until you are 100-percent clear on the agreement.

Valuables: Don’t put valuables like jewelry, important documents and money on the moving truck. Keep it with you.

Withholding info: Let your movers know exactly how much stuff you’ll be taking. Leaving things out may wrack up unexpected costs.

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