Storing Your Vinyl and Displaying Records

April 20, 2013 | DIY Home Improvement, Handy How-Tos

By Kimberly Manning

It’s April 20th, and for music fanatics and audiophiles, that means one thing: It’s Record Store Day! It’s the one day of the year that you don’t have to feel guilty about adding 20-plus records to your collection–but storing and displaying records can pose a problem. Unlike CDs or tapes, precious and delicate vinyl can easily bend and warp, and corners can fringe.

My boyfriend and I have a hundreds of records, so finding an ideal storage unit to accommodate everything without taking up too much space in our small apartment was important. Plus, who doesn’t love an iconic album cover? It’s no coincidence that some of the rarest (and most expensive) jewels have unique album art. Here are some of the best solutions I found while on my hunt for the perfect album storage unit:

Cubicle Shelves

Shelving units, like the EXPEDIT cubicle shelves from IKEA are so perfect for vinyl–they must have been made for this exact purpose! Figuring out how to display vinyl so it doesn’t get damaged can be tough, but this type of shelf is perfect and it stores a ton of records. The separate cubes ensure that they aren’t leaning against one another, which could cause bending over time, and it makes it super easy to keep everything organized.

Don’t have enough records to fill the shelf? No worries, the cubicle units make it easy to store books, display photos or add bins in the empty spaces. Another great thing about these units: You can add another shelf when it’s all filled up. It can be displayed horizontally or vertically and there are several sizes to choose from.

Hack It

So you’ve found the perfect shelf to store your records, but you’d like to also be displaying records? You can purchase a few album frames, which you can buy online or in stores like Target or Urban Outfitters, and use these to add doors to your shelf. You’ll also need small door hinges that you can buy at any hardware store. Line up the frame with the side of the shelf so it will close properly, pick the perfect album to display and you’ve got yourself a concealed record storage unit with only your faves front and center!


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