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The Best Dogs for Small Apartments

March 7, 2013 | Apartment Lifestyle, Pet Friendly Advice

When you live in a small space, it can be hard to imagine adding a dog to the mix. Dogs are often full of energy, and they need lots of room to run about. Many breeds of dogs actually need a full-sized backyard to really be happy– something few renters can provide. However, there are some breeds that are perfectly content to spend the day indoors. Here are some of the best dogs for even the smallest apartments:


On the off chance you ever find yourself thinking that dogs just aren’t cute enough, you should check out the Bolognese. They basically look exactly like a stuffed animal– they’re small white dogs that are perfectly fluffy, and they’ve got bright eyes that just scream, “I love you!” In addition to looking like the manifestation of all your hopes and dreams, Bolognese are the perfect apartment pet. They’ve got an average energy level, which means they only need one walk a day to be happy. Plus, their itty-bitty size means that you can play with them indoors without needing a huge space.


Newfies are, physically speaking, the complete opposite of the Bolognese (although still adorable). They’re huge, weighing in at up to 150 pounds. They’ve got thick, black fur and a big drooly mouth that’s permanently happy-looking.

You might think that a Newfie’s size makes it a bad pick for apartment living, but these are pretty mellow dogs. Aside from a daily walk, they’re happiest when they can lounge. You can think of Newfies as small bears that just want to lie around and love you.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

This dog breed is smart, stubborn, and super duper happy. PBGVs need an average amount of exercise, but they also need a whole lot of love and attention. The size of your apartment isn’t so much a determining factor for this pup– It’s more important that you have enough free time to really give this dog the interaction he or she needs to be happy. There is one drawback to this breed that might make it a bad fit for the apartment lifestyle: PBGVs tend to bark when excited, and everything excites them. If you’ve got thin walls, this breed might not be the best bet.

Bichon Frise

Although the bichon frise is a fairly active dog, it’s small stature means it can burn up plenty of its energy right in your apartment. Still, you’ll want to take it on long walks once a day to really give it a chance to get a long dose of activity.

As far as looks go, bichon frises are pretty similar looking to the Bolognese. Both are small, white and fluffy, but the main difference comes down to the texture of their coats: Bolognese have straighter fur, where the bichon friese’s coat is tightly curled.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

According to legend, corgis were originally used as steeds for fairies. It only takes a short amount of time around a corgi to understand how this legend might have gotten started: Full of energy and super smart, these dogs seem like the kind mythical creatures might want to keep as company. Even though they’re pretty energetic, they make great apartment dogs. Just be sure to give them long walks, and to play a few games of fetch throughout the day as well.

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