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Pets in the Summer: Making Your Apartment Pet Friendly in Summer Months

July 30, 2010 | Apartment Lifestyle, Pet Friendly Advice

Summer has arrived, which can mean fun in the sun for you, but can be a mixed blessing for your pets. You can always strip down to your bathing suit, but pets in the summer have that thick coat of fur to contend with. Try taking the following steps to make your apartment more pet-friendly during the hot summer months.

Keep a Window Open

You should always try to keep at least one window that your pet has access to open at least partially, unless the room that you and the pet are in is air-conditioned. Choose a window that has a screen and is at an almost-accessible height for your pet so that he or she can enjoy the nice summer breeze. If leaving a window open while you’re gone for the day makes you feel uneasy, spend a couple of dollars on a thick wooden dowel from a hardware store that you can put in the window track to lock it in place. This will prevent your pet from opening the window further and will make it nearly impossible for someone to force the window open. If you’re still concerned about safety, it’s actually a fairly simple matter to install some window bars to make sure that your pet can’t get out and trespassers can’t get in. However, you’ll need to get your landlord’s approval before taking this step.

Put Out Plenty of Water

Make sure there is always plenty of fresh water on hand for your pet. As with humans, staying hydrated is the most important factor in a pet’s survival. Make sure the animal always knows where he can get a fresh supply of water. If you are going away for a summer vacation, consider getting a cooler that can dispense a gallon or two of water over time, and get a neighbor to come in and check on your pets once a day.

Groom and Brush

Regularly grooming, brushing, and bathing your pets is a great way to keep them cool, clean, and happy. Grooming may seem more about making your pet apartment-friendly than the other way around, but both you and your pet will appreciate it. When the weather gets hot, your pet gets hot, and if your pet is a mammal, it sheds. That hair gets everywhere, and it’s tough to get rid of. Have your dog groomed or your cat thoroughly brushed on a regular basis throughout the summer to keep shedding—and hairballs—to a minimum. There are “magnetized” brushes you can buy that will pick up dog and cat hair out of your carpet and furniture.

Create a Cool Refuge

If there’s room, you may want to create a cool refuge for your dog or cat. A little niche that’s in a cool, dark place out of the sun can be a godsend for your overheated animal. You can create such a sanctuary using a box turned on its side, a shallow plastic bin, or by blocking off a section of a cool linoleum or hardwood floor. Line the area with a thin cloth or towel and put one of your pet’s toys there. Also, make sure to have an extra bowl of water near or in this area. By showing your pet where they can keep cool and enticing them to spend time in the area with toys, treats and water, you can make them much more comfortable.

More Pet Friendly Summer Tips

Animals like fish and insects may have specific temperature requirements or no temperature issues at all, and you should consult with the professional who sold you these pets for more information. If you have a cold-blooded pet, it is absolutely crucial that you keep them cool during hot summer months or you could jeopardize their health or life. Make sure you take steps to protect reptiles or other cold-blooded creatures you keep as pets.

Do you have any cool ideas for keeping your pets comfortable during the dog days of summer? Leave a comment and let us know!

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