Wine Bottle Crafts for DIY Decor: Clock

Wine Bottle Crafts for DIY Decor: Clock

April 8, 2014 | Apartment Décor, DIY Home Improvement

Instead of spending money on pricey decor for your apartment, create your own with your empty wine bottles. This unique clock is sure to be a talking piece.

Wine Bottle Crafts Clock

You can flatten out your wine bottle to make a clock by melting or slumping the glass, which involves directly applying heat to the glass so that it is easily manipulated into the specific shape you’re after. Here’s how:

  1. You’ll need to clean the bottle first by placing it in hot water with dishwashing detergent for about 20 minutes. After the time’s up, scrape off the label and glue residue on the bottle and rinse the inside and outside with water.
  2. Dry with a paper towel, spray the outside of the bottle with glass cleaner, and wipe it down with another clean paper towel. To allow the inside to dry completely, put the bottle upside down in a dish drainer.
  3. If you plan on hanging your clock, you should insert a piece of u-shaped wire into the opening at the top of the wine bottle.
  4. Unless you have a kiln laying around your apartment, you’ll have to settle for an oven in order to flatten glass. Put a piece of parchment paper on a metal baking sheet and lay your bottle on top of the paper.
  5. Slowly heat the glass by setting your oven to about 190 degrees Fahrenheit and letting the glass sit for an hour and a half. Keep in mind that if the glass is heated too quickly, it could crack or break.
  6. Increase the temperature to 400 degrees for a half hour; then 500 until the bottle has flattened completely. This first part could take anywhere from five to 10 hours, depending on the wine bottle you’re using.
  7. Finally, reduce the heat to 400 for an hour and then down to 190 for an hour and a half. When it’s done, turn off the oven completely and let your glass stay in there for 10 hours to cool.
  8. Next, drill a 10 millimeter hole in the glass where you plan on putting the hands of the clock. You can then choose to put numbers onto the bottle using stick-on numbers from a craft store.

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[Image Source: Flickr - Kai Chan Vong]
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