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Overview of Culver City

Culver City is a medium-density neighborhood in western Los Angeles with a large amount of three bedroom apartments for rent. Culver City is chock full of excellent restaurants, so you'll find plenty of places to eat near your residence. Sunny Blue, a Japanese joint on Washington Boulevard near Centinela Avenue, is one of the most highly regarded places in Southern California. It is moderately priced and serves a variety of dishes including tuna sushi and sashimi. Culver City also has a variety of popular bars, one of which is the Backstage Bar & Grill on Culver Boulevard near Overland Avenue. This bar is known for being a bit of a dive and for its great live music. If you want to live near Culver City's incredible nightlife, a quick search on Rent.com will reveal a wide selection of places.

Searching for Three Bedroom Apartments in Culver City

People from many different walks of life rent three bedroom apartments in the area. This type of apartment is good for young families, groups of college students and young professionals trying to save money. A three bedroom is much cheaper than a house and offers nearly as much space.

Culver City is a hip area still in development, so rent is not too high. The neighborhood features a mix of houses and apartment buildings with more three bedroom apartments in the northern section of the area. Three bedroom apartments in this area generally run from $2,200 to $2,500 a month in rent. Small three bedrooms may cost less, and apartments in the more upscale southern part of the neighborhood can go for more. There are tricks to save money on apartments in all areas of Culver City. One of the most important ones is to move at the right time of year as this blog post from Rent.com explains.

Typical layout for Three Bedroom Apartments in Culver City

Most apartments are laid out with a kitchen and living room in the middle and the bedrooms on either side. This design plan is common on newer buildings, which you can distinguish from older buildings by their stucco facades and minimalist designs. Older buildings, which are generally made of brick, often have three bedroom apartments laid out in the "railroad" style with the bedrooms in a row. A three bedroom apartment is usually from 800 to 1,000 square feet in size.