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Overview of Culver City

Culver City is home to some great options for cheap apartments. Many of the people who move into the area are trying to break into the TV and film industries. Culver City is California at its best, with a blend of the nostalgic and the cutting edge. Streets are tree-lined, public transport is easy to find, and barefaced art galleries are plentiful. There are a number of fun diversions for residents to discover here, like skating rinks, pool halls, community theaters and pop-up restaurants. This is an easy neighborhood to navigate by car, but those who save money by walking will find the area can easily move around the area on foot as well. A walk will also provide a close-up view of the neighborhood's great public art collection. For those interested in what the area has to offer, Rent.com is a great resource for finding cheap apartments in this vibrant California city.

Finding a Cheap Apartment in Culver City

The vibe in Culver City is all about showbiz. Agents and entertainment lawyers have set up shop just outside the studio lots, and restaurants and shops are staffed by aspiring actors. There are a few apartments that run between $795-995, which usually consist of sublets, shared rooms or shared apartments. Studios and small 1BR apartments usually run between $1200-1600. The best bet for finding something inexpensive is usually the region that is closest to UCLA, though it requires a willingness to share a space or building with college students. However, the budget-conscious needs of students have created a niche market for some slightly less expensive places. For those who are looking for their very first apartment, this Rent.com blog post offers some great tips for discovering ways to match up the your conflicting budget and desires.

What to Look for in Cheap Apartments in Culver City

Cheap apartments here are often rooms, and not full places. Small, affordable apartments for rent usually run between 350-650 square feet and are quite often in the 450 square foot range for efficiency and studio units.

There are ways to save money when choosing a home here. Taking public transport and selling your car can save on gas and parking fees. Some apartments may not come equipped with air conditioning, but good cross-ventilation is often enough, meaning heating and cooling bills will be minimal.