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Overview of Hollywood Heights

Nestled between the thick of Hollywood and the looming Hollywood Hills, you’ll find a few blocks of Hollywood Heights apartments and rentals. This area offers up a range of living options, from luxury homes to apartments in larger buildings. It’s a small neighborhood, bounded by Franklin and Highland avenues on the south and east, the Hollywood Bowl to the north, and Outpost Drive to the west. Standing on one of its avenues, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in the middle of the city. Things get much quieter just half a block off these main drives, however. That is, unless there’s a rock concert at the Hollywood Bowl!

The Hollywood Heights were first developed in the early part of the 20th century. As the film industry took off, this area began attracting actors and others who worked at nearby studios. Because the streets are narrow and winding however, building never got too out of hand. The Hollywood Bowl opened in 1922. Built in a natural amphitheater, this popular concert venue has hosted everyone from the Beatles to Blink 182.

Hollywood Heights Lifestyle and Entertainment

Hollywood Heights offers residents a bit of peace within striking distance of Hollywood. You can find a few restaurants, bars, and shops on Franklin and Highland, but the rest is residential. For most of your dining and shopping, you’ll want to head south a few blocks. On the Franklin side, you’ll find the Academy of Magical Arts and the Asian-influenced Yamashiro Restaurant. On Highland there are a number of hotels, some of which have restaurants and lounges.

Runyon Canyon is the biggest park in the area and it’s just a few blocks away. It’s a great place to walk your dog, hike, or practice yoga. You may even bump into someone famous there.

Hollywood Heights Info and the Rental Market

There are apartments on the Hollywood edge of the Heights and scattered throughout. The rest of the real estate here is single- or multi-family homes—some quite expensive. Rentals here are pricier than in Hollywood, but you’re paying for some seclusion. The average two-bedroom Hollywood Heights apartment goes for $2,700 a month. There are MTA buses along Highland and Hollywood Boulevard. The Hollywood / Highland Metro station is close by. You can catch Red Line subways there.

Hollywood Heights Resources

If you want a library or a post office, you’ll have to leave Hollywood Heights. The Will & Ariel Durant Branch Library is just down on Sunset and La Brea. The nearest US Post Office isn’t too far off, either. Hollywood Heights is split between California’s 28th and 30th Congressional Districts.

Hollywood Heights Zip Codes

Hollywood Heights rentals use the 90068 zip code.