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Overview of Koreatown

Rent a Koreatown apartment and you’ll live in one of Los Angeles’ most vibrant neighborhoods. This hive of activity packs 120,000 people into about 3-square miles. It’s high-density and the construction keeps on coming. Koreatown stays up late, too, with the largest collection of nightclubs and all-night places in Southern California. Add its special dispensation for Times Square-like LCD signage, and you start to get a picture of the neighborhood. Officially, Olympic Boulevard, Vermont Avenue, Third Street, and Western Avenue border Koreatown—but it’s clearly jumped those boundaries.

Koreatown Lifestyle and Entertainment

Koreatown is full of high fashion boutiques with many Korean imports available. These include jewelry, electronics, cosmetics, and more. Restaurant options are plentiful, from the expected Korean barbeque to all sorts of other ethnic and American eateries. Bars and nightlife are everywhere in Koreatown. The neighborhood is overflowing with nightclubs, lounges, noraebang (karaoke) clubs, and other all-night entertainment options.

In terms of daytime activity, there’s a YMCA on New Hampshire Ave near Wilshire. Seoul International Park also holds a rec center and ball fields. There are a few small parks in Koreatown, but no huge green space.

Koreatown Info and the Rental Market

Most rentals in Koreatown are found in mid- and high-rise buildings. The average rent on a one-bedroom in the area is $1,200 a month.

The Metro Purple Line and Red Line subways both serve Koreatown, one running down Wilshire Boulevard and the other down Vermont Avenue. Express, rapid, and local bus lines and three DASH routes also help residents get around town. Koreatown is closest to the 101 freeway.

Koreatown Resources

The Pio Pico - Koreatown branch of the Los Angeles Public Library is in the neighborhood. There are a few US Post Offices to choose from as well. Koreatown is represented by Los Angeles City Council’s 4th District and by the Wilshire Center - Koreatown Neighborhood Council.

Koreatown Zip Codes

Zip codes serving Koreatown are 90020, 90007, 90006, 90005, and 90004.