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Overview of Los Feliz

One of the most fashionable and upscale neighborhoods to find three bedroom apartments in Los Angeles, Los Feliz is located in the central region of the Southern California metropolis, east of Hollywood and west of Downtown LA. The nightlife in Los Feliz is considered by some to be the best in Southern California. For example, the Italian restaurant La Pergoletta, on Hillhurst Boulevard near Franklin Avenue, is reputed to be an excellent place to eat in the region. If you are looking for American food, Messhall is rumored to be better than all the rest. The restaurant is located in Los Feliz near the hills and serves sandwiches, burgers and more. The wide selection of three bedroom apartments on Rent.com can help you find a place near the social scene in Los Feliz.

Searching for a Three Bedroom Apartment in Los Feliz

Los Feliz is roughly 50 percent apartments and 50 percent houses. The houses are mostly in the hills, which the more expensive part of the neighborhood. Young families looking to live in a hip yet safe area will want to check out three bedroom apartments for rent. Many young families these days cannot afford a house, especially in an expensive locale like Los Angeles, but a great number of these families can afford a large apartment. Students or single professionals with roommates may also be interested in renting this sort of apartment.

The prices for three bedroom apartments in Los Feliz are average compared to the rest of the Southern California region. A three bedroom apartment will generally run from $2,100 to $2,400 depending on the size. Check out this Rent.com blog post for tips about how to decorate your new apartment.

Typical Layout for a Three Bedroom Apartment in Los Feliz

Three bedroom apartments in this area commonly have a living area in the middle, one bedroom on one side and two bedrooms on the other. Sometimes, however, they are built in what's called a "railroad" layout with the three bedrooms in a row. You may want to live in a fashionable older building, which can be identified by its brick facade. These buildings are prevalent in the southern portion of the Los Feliz neighborhood. Newer stucco buildings are common everywhere else. Three bedroom apartments in this part of LA range from 900 to 1,200 square feet.


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