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Overview of Melrose

It’s hard to get much hipper than living in a Melrose apartment. In fact, rentals in this neighborhood are known to draw indie, alternative, and all-around stylish tenants. They’re so appealing because this part of Los Angeles, in Mid-City West, collects some of the city’s coolest shopping and people watching. It’s also a great place for walking around—that’s not so common in L.A. The Melrose District is named for Melrose Boulevard, around which the neighborhood centers. It extends for a few blocks on either side of the boulevard, stretching from Highland to the east to either Fairfax or La Cienega to the west. It falls just below and beside West Hollywood.

The Melrose District was annexed into Los Angeles in 1922. It’s a neighborhood that overlaps with a few others—such as the Fairfax District—while retaining it’s own distinct character. For many, Melrose will forever be associated with the 1990’s television show Melrose Place. A decade earlier, this strip was the birthplace of L.A.’s new wave and punk subculture. It’s still a popular shopping destination for underground and alternative types. The mainstream is moving in, however. Say hello to Starbucks. Regardless, Melrose remains one of the best parts of Los Angeles in which to kill time, check out the hipster elite, and score some vintage style.

Melrose Lifestyle and Entertainment

The Melrose District is full of alternative shops and restaurants. It’s like Beverly Hills’ famous Rodeo Drive, but a lot less exclusive. Walk between the Melrose Trading Post flea market and chic boutiques. Grab a burger at the original Johnny Rockets or linger over some ahi at I Love Sushi. There’s everything from the vintage wonderland of Wasteland to the concept retail store SURU—co-owned by one of the members of Linkin Park.

For an evening’s entertainment, Melrose has plenty of bars and a few venues, too. The Darkroom tavern is one of the former, and a popular example. Of the latter, Melrose’s most famous show can be found at the Groundlings Theatre. This legendary L.A. improv troupe boasts alumni including Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, and Paul Reubens. To get some exercise, check out the Poinsettia Recreation Center. There you’ll find a baseball diamond, a playground, and other indoor and outdoor ball courts.

Melrose Info and the Rental Market

Melrose rentals tend to be smaller, but they have personality. Many feature stucco and clay roof tiles. From these charming homes and apartments, you can walk to the boulevard and mingle with the young, fresh, and famous. Expect to pay around $1,950 for a one-bedroom in the Melrose District.

Getting around from Melrose probably means driving. There are buses that run through the neighborhood, but no subway. The nearest freeways are the Hollywood and the Santa Monica, and neither is too close.

Melrose Resources

There’s no US Post Office in the Melrose District, but there’s one not far away on Beverly Boulevard. The closest Los Angeles Public Library is the John C. Freemont branch a bit to the east. The Melrose District is in California Congressional Districts 30 and 33.

Melrose District Zip Codes

Zip codes serving Melrose are 90036, 90038, 90046, 90048, and 90069.