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Overview of Sawtelle

Established in 1899, Sawtelle was named after a manager of the Pacific Land Company. In 1905, residential lots south of the veteran’s home were put up for sale. That veteran’s home grew into the VA hospital. Those lots became this vibrant neighborhood. Sawtelle remained an independent municipality until 1922. Then everything but the Federal land on the north end was incorporated into the City of Los Angeles.

Sawtelle Lifestyle and Entertainment

The Sawtelle neighborhood is known for its quirky shops and for serving up a wide variety of cuisines. Check out places such as Volcano Tea, Tofu Ya, and Hurry Curry for a taste of authentic Japanese food. Nijiya Market, also, is considered by some to be the best Japanese market in Los Angeles. If you want more casual street eats, try one of the many interesting food trucks that ply this neighborhood.

Giant Robot and BlackMarket are two examples of the stores selling trendy clothing and oddities in Sawtelle. This is also a neighborhood where you won’t have to go far to find basic supplies, even if those include a mounted elephant head made out of cardboard. The nearby Stoner Recreation Center includes ball fields, a playground, picnic areas, an indoor gymnasium, and a skate park.

Sawtelle Info and the Rental Market

Sawtelle maintains a suburban Los Angeles feel with cute houses and neat yards.Here, you’ll find high-rise apartment buildings, upscale low-rise apartments, and high-quality, single-story tract housing. Rent for a one-bedroom in Sawtelle averages $1,772 a month.

Buses from the Los Angeles MTA, Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus, and the Culver City Bus system run through Sawtelle. The neighborhood is convenient to both the 405 and the 10 freeways, but driving towards Downtown in morning rush hour can be extra-slow.

Sawtelle Resources

The Veterans Administration Greater Los Angeles Healthcare Center is in unincorporated Sawtelle. There’s a US Post Office in the government complex there and also one on Santa Monica Boulevard. The West Los Angeles Regional Branch Library serves Sawtelle. This area falls into California’s 30th and 36th Congressional Districts.

Sawtelle Zip Codes

Zip codes serving Sawtelle are 90064 and 90025.