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Overview of Wilshire Center

Wilshire Center apartments are located in one of Los Angeles’ oldest communities. Although this stretch of the city is known by other names, Wilshire Center is the official one. It’s marked with signs and designated as a Business Improvement District. Wilshire Center overlaps with parts of Koreatown, Wilshire, and the Mid-Wilshire neighborhoods. It’s a busy, high-density section of L.A., with a vibrant atmosphere, day and night. Wilton Place and 3rd, 8th, and Hoover streets border the neighborhood.

Wilshire Center is named for Gaylord Wilshire, who bought acres for development here in 1895. He donated a strip of land to the city for Wilshire Boulevard. The neighborhood was envisioned as an elite suburban subdivision. In the 1920s, high-rise, New York-style apartments and hotels were built here, including the Ambassador Hotel—one of the previous homes of the Academy Awards.

Wilshire Center Lifestyle and Entertainment

Wilshire Center is known for its nightclubs, such as the Brass Monkey with its extreme karaoke. You may have to fight for the microphone. Korean businesses are also easy to find, offering all sorts of imported goods. There are a few supermarkets in Wilshire Center, as well as a Friday farmers’ market.

For dining, take your pick of up- and down-market restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines. Here, you can get everything from one of Cassell’s highly rated burgers to authentic Oaxacan empanadas at Gualaguetza. The Shatto Recreation Center on 3rd and Vermont has ball courts, an auditorium, and a kid’s play area.

Wilshire Center Info and the Rental Market

High- and low-rise apartments, condos, and single-family homes are all available for rent in Wilshire Center. People are packed in fairly tight already, but construction keeps on coming. Expect to pay about $1,360 for a one-bedroom Wilshire Center apartment.

Three Metro subway stations on Wilshire Boulevard make commuting convenient. Grab a ride on the Purple Line or Red Line at Vermont, Normandie, and Western avenue stops. City buses, including Rapid lines, run down major thoroughfares. Wilshire Center is between the Hollywood and the Santa Monica freeways. There are bike lanes along 4th Street, 7th Street, and New Hampshire Street.

Wilshire Center Resources

There are four US Post Offices in Wilshire Center. There are public libraries at both ends of the neighborhood. One is on 7th and Oxford Avenue and the other is on 6th and Hoover. California Congressional Districts 31 and 33 cover Wilshire Center.

Wilshire Center Zip Codes

Zip codes serving Wilshire Center are 90005, 90010, and 90020.