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Mountain View CA Industry

Overview of Downtown Mountain View

Known for its views of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Downtown Mountain View in San Jose, California is a neighborhood that provides natural beauty and is thriving with a variety of interests. Home to Google and Microsoft headquarters, Mountain View in Silicon Valley is a top area for some of the world's largest technology companies. With history dating back to 1842, a small portion of the building structures can still be seen but for the most have been given a new coat and creation under the wing of 21st century technology and design.

Downtown Mountain View Apartments

The cost of renting in Silicon Valley is notoriously expensive. Renting a three bedroom apartment in Downtown Mountain View will more than likely cost around $3,500 a month. One bonus to the rental market in Downtown Mountain View is that apartments are luxury style, meaning as a part of your rent, you may have access to additional amenities such as a swimming pool, spa or hot tub, sauna, gym membership and more. Therefore, comparing cost of living in this manner as well will be a plus if your daily lifestyle includes these activities.

Dining & Entertainment Downtown

The summer time is one of the best seasons to be in Mountain View. From Antique Road shows at the Santa Clara Convention Center, to musical guest of all genres at the Shoreline Amphitheater, there is always something to do in Downtown Mountain View. There is an annual convention which brings together over 6,000 military families, activity duty and veterans for an honorable celebration. Check out the Computer History Museum, NASA Ames Research Center and all that Castro street has to offer. Choose from an elegant, fine dining restaurant experience or a laid back style without the sacrifice of quality in food. Top restaurants include French cuisine from Chez TJ, Bistro Elan and Chef Liu. Most Downtown Mountain View apartments are just steps away from a world of variety, it really just depends on how you are feeling in that moment.

Commuting From Downtown Mountain View, CA

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) will have you covered when it comes to your daily commute inside the neighborhood. VTA has a bus service and a rail service with stops conveniently located near most apartments and frequented areas. The VTA rail service makes the connection for you from downtown to may suburb locations in and around the bay area. There is another rail service known as the Caltrain. The Caltrain service connects Mountain View with San Francisco and San Jose. As with most major cities, the push to become more environmentally friendly is continuously taking place and there are multiple bike lanes to ensure safety and accessibility for bikers in the area if you choose this mode of transportation.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Downtown Mountain View

You know that a city is a pet friendly city when there are dog friendly restaurants. Gelayo Gusto, Fiesta Del Mar and Cascal are just among the few that welcome outdoor sitting with your pet as your guest. With one major veterinarian hospital in the area, Alta View animal hospital, and two others within a 30 minute commute in nearby cities, your pet should be well taking care of in this arena. Many parks also include special designated sections for your pet (specifically dog) to run free. Mountain View definitely does a good job at making sure they are a pet friendly player.

Downtown Mountain View Schools and Education

According to Mountain View’s city school district website, there are 12 schools, an alternative education center and a children's center or better known as a head start program. Most of the 12 schools are elementary school, but there are adequate middle and high schools in the are. Most high schools are college prep. There are only a handful of community colleges in the neighborhood such as Mountain View Adult education but there are top universities in close proximity such as Stanford, San Jose University and Santa Clara University.