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San Jose CA

Overview of Downtown San Jose

With over a million residents in the city itself, San Jose is the largest city in the Bay Area’s notorious Silicon Valley. But we promise it’s not all just nerds and rich people (although, there is quite a lot of that). The downtown San Jose neighborhood is urban and techy, but it also has the benefit of being just a short drive from many natural parks and recreational areas. And though it is close to popular destinations such as San Francisco and Santa Cruz, Downtown San Jose offers its own unique brand of neighborhoods, attractions, and amenities that entice people to move there and stay.

Downtown San Jose Apartment Info

Like most of the bay area, Downtown San Jose is one of the more affluent destinations in California. And as the neighborhoods population has tripled in the past forty-five years, the rent has risen along with it. The price range for apartments in downtown San Jose varies depending on size and amenities, but typically studios start out around $1,250 while rent for three bedroom apartments averages around $3,500.

Swimming pools and parking garages are the norm for apartments in San Jose, though apartments in the Downtown neighborhood may charge extra for parking. You are never too far from grocery stores or schools, though, and living Downtown puts you right next to popular areas that offer fine dining, nightlife, and shopping.

Downtown San Jose Dining & Entertainment

Whether you want to see a concert, tour the redwoods, or visit the local trampoline club, San Jose has something to offer every lifestyle. Downtown San Jose has some of the best restaurants in the area, from popular Mexican cantinas such as Tres Gringos Cabo Cantina to busy nightclubs like Studio 8. Some of the world’s most popular celebrities and DJs make regular tour stops in the city, so keep an eye out for P. Diddy.

San Jose offers a wide variety of other entertainment experiences, such including nature, sports, and culture. It is home to museums, art galleries, golf courses, science centers, and more. Weekly farmers markets, art festivals, and music gatherings can be found during the warmer months. Nature lovers are close to redwood forests, a number of state parks, and the popular beach town, Santa Cruz. Nearly anything you want to do, no matter what terrain it requires, is just a couple hours’ drive away.

Pet Friendly Downtown San Jose Resources

San Jose is a very pet-friendly city, and apartments that allow both dogs and cats are quite common. While Downtown San Jose does not have many natural spaces, a few local park trails allow dogs on leashes. There are a dozen off-leash dog parks in and around the city, so you are never very far from one. Plus the Biscuits Dog Boutique has all the high-end pet goods, so your pup can wear all the latest accessories and all his other dog friends will be all like, “Who dat?!” because they got their stuff at the nearby Petco and aren’t nearly as cool as your dog.

Commuting Around Downtown San Jose

Traffic in Silicon Valley is notoriously awful. It is one of the most densely populated areas in the United States, with almost 4 million residents, and most of them commute via multi-lane highways that connect the towns and cities of the bay area. Northbound commutes from the city are the most difficult, but driving during rush hour over the mountains to Santa Cruz can take just as much time.

For those interested in mass transit, a train line called Caltrain runs from Downtown San Jose to San Francisco and makes many stops in between.

Downtown San Jose Schools

Since it is one of the most prosperous cities in California, San Jose has a fantastic selection of schools. Downtown falls under the San Jose Unified School District, and, as with most places, offers enrollment based on where you live. There several private schools and international schools, as well as a few specialized schools, such as foreign language schools and technical schools.