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When you're looking for an apartment, sometimes the stress can be overwhelming. You have got to arrange to leave your current home, find a new place, and get all your possessions from one place to the other. When finding a cheap rental is a priority, things can be even more stressful. You can't necessarily just move into the cheapest apartment you can possibly find. There are factors such as apartment size and location that you need to consider. Here are some tips for finding a cheap rental that will satisfy both your spirit and your wallet.

Finding a Cheap Rental: Price Considerations

The first thing you need to consider is how cheap is cheap? Make a budget that includes utilities, food, entertainment, and any other expenses you can think of and see how much you have left for rent. Expect to commit at least 25-30 percent of your monthly income to rent.

Finding a Cheap Rental: Size Considerations

One of the keys to finding a cheap rental is being able to compromise on size. If you're living on your own, you can probably make do with a studio or a one bedroom rental. If you don't think that's enough room for you, you may want to consider putting some of your possessions into storage. Once you start moving to two bedrooms and up, prices can increase dramatically.

Finding a Cheap Rental: Location Considerations

Unfortunately, finding a cheap rental often means living in less than the best area of town. This doesn't mean you have to live in a crime-ridden slum, and in fact, the disadvantages of living in some areas can definitely outweigh the benefits. However, there are certain areas that are relatively safe and still cheap. These areas may be a bit out of the way, or in mostly commercial districts, so they may come along with some inconveniences. However, a little extra travel to get to where you need to go or tolerating some extra noise outside your apartment can be a small price to pay for a significant savings in rent.

Finding a Cheap Rental: Apartment Finders

Once you have an idea what you're willing to pay, where you're willing to live, and how big a place you need, you are perfectly positioned to search for a cheap rental apartment using an apartment finder website like These sites allow you to instantly get a listing of a number of apartments in your area, price range, and apartment type. If cheap rentals are your goal, you can find them here. Once you have a number of apartments to look at, you can improve your chance of getting a cheap rental by determining what the market average is for the type of apartments you are searching. If an apartment that interests you is a little higher than the average range, you may have more negotiating power with the landlord than you would have realized if you hadn't checked local prices.

Finding a Cheap Rental: Visiting Places for Rent

Once you've narrowed down your choices, it's time to look at the apartments. The renter will probably want to do this anyway; they need to decide if they are willing to rent to you just as you have to decide whether the rental is right for your needs. Be sure to check out every part of the apartment and ask the landlord lots of questions about anything you can think of related to the apartment. The time to realize the apartment doesn't get any light or is bombarded by the noise of a passing train every fifteen minutes is before you sign a lease, not after.

Remember to take time and care in finding a cheap rental. Just because it's cheap doesn't mean you can't be happy. You may be living in the apartment for some time, so make sure it's right for you.