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Overview of Lowry

If you’re looking for a neighborhood that is polished, safe, and not too far from the heart of Denver, look no further than Lowry Colorado. Comparable to nearby towns like Stapleton, the neighborhood of Lowry is quite new in its development and is considered to be one of the more affluent of the Denver suburbs. One unique aspect of Lowry is that it was previously the Lowry Air Force Base, but upon its closing the area was repurposed into the vibrant, sustainable community that it is today. Its population is just under two hundred thousand residents, but with all the green space it still maintains a very small town feel. With a mix of quiet residential zones and commercial districts with offices and activities, those renting in Lowry are never far from work and play. If you’re looking for a little more quiet and a little less urban, this neighborhood just might be the perfect fit.

Lowry Apartments & Rental Market

While Lowry does contain many single family homes, there are also several options for those looking to rent an apartment in Lowry. Depending on your budget, there are options that range from semi-affordable to pretty luxurious, but we will admit that this neighborhood is not considered to be on the money saving end of the spectr4um. One bedroom Lowry apartments typically cost anywhere between $780 and $1,100, while more space and three bedrooms runs between $1,600 and $2,100. An added bonus is that a majority of rentals in Lowry are integrated into the other amenities like the Town Center and employment campus, making commuting easier and putting you close to all the best things the neighborhood has to offer.

Dining & Entertainment in Lowry

The heart of Lowry lies within the Town Center. This area is home to many essential services, including doctors, eye clinics, nail an20d hair salons, dental offices, a grocery store, gym, tanning salons, and many others. But not only does it contain the necessities, it also is a gathering place for fun. Window shop for some unique furniture, art, and jewelry, or enjoy one of the delicious dining options available. A majority of the single-family homes aren’t as close to Town Center, but most Lowry apartments are located within walking distance to all of these great amenities.

There are also outdoor activities available. Lowry contains three parks--one with sports complexes and two without. If parks aren't what you're looking for, there is also an ice arena that offers summer camps, ice skating, adult and youth hockey as well as tournaments for both hockey teams.

Pet Friendly Apartments & Resources in Lowry

Many Lowry apartments are pet friendly to both dogs and cats. Most have a two pet limit and have some restrictions on accepted breeds. Once you find the perfect place, it’s easy to keep your furry friends happy and healthy with all the nearby resources! There is a dog boutique located in the Town Center that contains many dog products, different dog foods, and a bathing area. There is also a dog park where dogs can play unleashed in an enclosed area. Additionally, there are two veterinary centers in Lowry and if those aren’t to your liking there are several others within a ten mile radius.

Lowry Commuting Options & Information

Public transportation is nonexistent in Lowry--we’ll just put that out there. However, with I-70 located just a short drive north, commuting into Downtown Denver is super convenient. The neighborhood itself is designed to be easily accessed and walkable, which is why most services and offices are in one place. Getting around within Lowry is easy, and there are also several bike routes in the form of trails around the town that can be used for leisure or commuting.

Lowry Schools & Education

There are over a dozen public elementary, middle, and high schools within ten miles of Lowry, so the area you live in will dictate what zone you fall under. The public schools have above average ratings and there are also many private schools in Lowry to choose from. But wait, there’s more! With over a dozen charter schools within ten miles of Lowry, what we’re trying to say is...you have tons of options. As always, we recommend doing your research and talking to other members of the Lowry community about their experience in the Denver school system.