Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rent.com

Rent.com is a national Internet listing site (ILS) that enables renters to find rental properties online. It is free to search and contains the largest inventory of trusted listings across the US.

How is Rent.com different than its competitors?

Rent.com has a variety of subscription options that allow people to advertise their property whether they own 1 or 500. It’s important to us that renters have options, and we do everything we can to make that possible. We are focused on connecting renters with rental properties that meet their search criteria through a clean interface and a multi-faceted search algorithm. Any advertising on our website is relevant to the renter's moving process.

Does it cost anything to search for apartments on Rent.com?

Nope! Searching for apartments is absolutely free.

What if I don't find properties when I search?

If you're finding that no properties match your search, it's possible that you're being too specific with your search filters. We suggest that you start with broader search criteria (like location and price) and narrow your preferences from there.

We also encourage being realistic in your search. You’re not going to find a $200, 2 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. Like unicorns, they just don’t exist. By searching broadly it helps you to get a further understanding of prices in your area, and what comes with that price.

How can I communicate with properties that interest me?

You can email the property manager directly through our site by clicking "Check Availability" on the property's details page. In addition to that, most properties have phone numbers that you can call to talk directly with the property manager. Each property's detail page, if applicable, also has the address and the leasing office hours of that property.