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Overview of Wynwood - Edgewater

Encompassing the neighborhoods of Wynwood and Edgewater, this area once teeming with abandoned rail yards is now comprised of a thriving art district, walkable commercial areas, and high-rise condos and apartments. Unlike the nearby neighborhoods of Downtown and Brickell, Midtown Miami is still a work-in-progress—but let us point out why that could be a good thing. The urbanization of Midtown was put to a halt during the economy crash in the early 2000s and most of the planned construction was halted, meaning parts of this area are sort of like a blank slate. While Midtown already has plenty of amenities that make it a great place to live, there is also a lot of potential for it to grow and improve!

Wynwood-Edgewater, Miami Rental Market

Of the two areas that make up Midtown, Edgewater is the aptly named neighborhood that runs along the ocean. Most (if not all) of our Midtown Miami apartments for rent are located in Edgewater in those beautiful high-rises we mentioned earlier. While living in a city is generally more expensive, Midtown Miami is slightly more affordable than living Downtown. One bedroom apartments start around $1,150, while a three bedroom apartment can cost anywhere between $1,850 and $3,200. Most apartments in the area feature elegant amenities such as fitness center, pools, and over-sized closets.

It should be mentioned that there are a few areas where underutilized properties are right across the street from very developed areas. This is one of those “room for improvement” things that will improve as the neighborhood continues to grow. However, our listed apartments in Midtown Miami are not located in these areas.

Wynwood-Edgewater Dining, Culture, & Entertainment

When it comes to Midtown Miami, Edgewater is where people live and Wynwood is where people play. Known as the artsiest neighborhood in Miami, Wynwood is a popular destination for those looking for an alternative to the typical Miami scene. With over 520 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops to choose from, Wynwood-Edgewater provides the perfect combination of upscale and grit. On any given evening you can start your evening off with an extravagant dinner of pan seared foie gras and then walk down the street and get a $2 beer at a local dive bar. The variety of the area lures a wide spectrum of visitors, and caters to both independent businesses and large-scale retailers. In summary, this area literally has something for everyone.

And we can’t talk about Midtown Miami without talking about the rapidly blossoming art scene in Wynwood. Unlike the typical overpriced galleries of the surrounding areas, Wynwood focuses on local and accessible art. The best example of this is the Wynwood Walls, which is a vibrant area filled with artistic graffiti from local and visiting artists. The frequently changing “wall art” spills out onto the buildings, light posts, and fire hydrants of the streets around it, which lends an alternative feeling to the entire neighborhood. The Wynwood Arts District is also home to popular cultural events like Second Saturday Art Walk and ArtBasel.

Pet-Friendly Apartments in Wynwood-Edgewater, Miami

A quick search of the Midtown Miami apartments shows that most of the units allow both dogs and cats. Wynwood and Edgewater both have fantastic options for pet boarding, training, grooming, and general merchandise. You can even send your dog to a spa! And while there’s no dog park in the neighborhood, but there are many oceanfront parks in which you will find families enjoying the sunshine and dogs walking their owners.

Commuting From Wynwood-Edgwater, Miami

One of the main complaints that people have about Wynwood-Edgewater is its lack of connectivity to the rest of the downtown neighborhoods. There are a few bus lines that come through Midtown, but the MetroRail does not yet extend there, nor is there any sort of Trolley. Residents of Wynwood-Edgewater have been pushing for the neighborhood to be connected to adjacent neighborhoods, but this is probably going to take a long time to go through. Be ready to use your car if you live here! But at least most apartments in Midtown Miami come with covered parking.

Education Options in Wynwood-Edgewater, Miami

There are several elementary schools that serve the area, but most likely if you live in Midtown your child will fall into the attendance zone for Phillis Wheatley Elementary School and Jose De Diego Middle School. There are also a few private and Catholic schools in the area to choose from.