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Tampa FL Cityscape

Overview of Westshore

One of the largest business districts in America also happens to be in the business of being an all-around great place to live. Westshore Tampa is recognized for its dense collection of offices and industries, but what you may not know is that in recent years the construction of apartments in Westshore Tampa has been on the rise. With two giant malls and a plethora of dining and nightlife, Westshore is one of the few Tampa neighborhoods whose residents are within walking distance to both work and entertainment. If you’re looking for a young, trendy area that mixes Tampa’s glamorous side with urban charm, read on!

Westshore Apartments & Rentals

While most urban areas tend to be significantly more expensive than their surrounding suburbs, Westshore still has the benefit of flying slightly under the radar. With properties that are typically more affordable than their Downtown counterparts, studios and one bedroom Westshore Tampa apartments start out around $1,000 a month, while three bedroom apartments are in the $2,000 to $2,500 range. In pure Tampa fashion, most apartments in Westshore also come with an array of amenities that are Must Haves when living in Florida, such as swimming pools and on-site fitness centers.

Dining & Entertainment in Westshore

The selection of restaurants, bars, and shopping is where Westshore Tampa really sets itself apart from other areas of the city. Though it may be packed by day with high-power workers, on nights and weekends the neighborhood comes alive with people looking to shake off the work-week blues. There are over 200 options for fine-dining, wine bars, and some of the city’s finest surf-and-turf cuisine in Westshore Tampa. But it should be mentioned that this area definitely makes for a pricey outing. The vibe of this neighborhood is very “See and be seen.” The crowd is typically a 20s and 30s crowd that likes to look good, play hard, and spend their money.

Pet Friendly Apartments in Westshore

The fantastic news is that most of our Westshore Tampa apartments for rent contain units that are specifically set aside for pet owners. Most units allow both dogs and cats, and some even have designated outdoor pet areas for them to, you know, do their business. Westshore also contains two large pet stores, several options for pet grooming and training, plus there is the Beach Park Animal Clinic nearby that will take care of all your health needs!

Commuting Options in Westshore

Typically in Tampa, you job dictates the neighborhood that you live in. You want to be close to work because with everyone else in the city being dependent on a car, traffic becomes sort of a nightmare. The rise in apartments in Westshore was actually brought on by the need for people work close to the jobs, and many people that live there, work there. If the need to commute persists, Westshore Boulevard is the district's main thoroughfare and runs north to south, connecting the neighborhoods two malls. I-275 runs east to west through Westshore and connects to other main streets of Tampa.

Education & Schools in Westshore

For families with school aged children, you’ll be happy to learn that there are several options for both public and private school that are in or around Westshore. For those attending the public schools in this district, you will want to look up Dickenson Elementary School, Pierce Middle School, and Jefferson High School to get some more information on how these schools are rated. As for private options, there are many options nearby, including Beach Park School and Excel High School. As always, you know what’s best for your little one and we definitely recommend doing your research and talking to other parents in your neighborhood!