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Overview of Lindbridge - Martin Manor

Lindridge¬-Martin Manor apartments and rentals put you in that sweet spot between in town and up-town. Don’t want to live in the midst of bustling Buckhead? Need to stay closer in to the city than some far out suburb? Do you want a social lifestyle without a high-rise headache? Then Lindridge¬-Martin Manor may be perfect for you. This neighborhood stays appealing with midcentury homes, interesting shops and eateries, and residents of all stripes.

Lindridge-Martin Manor was developed in the late 1940s. You’ll find a lot of single-story homes on generous lots here. Depending on how you look at it, Lindbergh Drive either splits or connects the community. North of this thoroughfare is Lindridge. South of it is Martin Manor.

Lindridge­-Martin Manor Lifestyle and Entertainment

There’s a three-block commercial area along Cheshire Bridge Road in Lindridge-Martin Manor where you’ll find colorful eateries and odd independent shops. Both antique stores and adult businesses do well on this strip. You can take your pick of ethnic restaurants and then head to the Tara Theater, the local art house cinema. To the north, across I-85, you’ll find big box stores such as Target and Home Depot. If you want to enjoy some great outdoors, the Morningside Nature Preserve isn’t far to the south.

Lindridge­-Martin Manor Info and the Rental Market

Lindridge¬-Martin Manor rentals include single-family homes and apartments. Rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Lindridge-Martin Manor averages $1,073 a month.

From this neighborhood, it’s only five miles to Midtown or Buckhead. If you’re commuting, be careful—there can be heavy traffic on Lindbergh Drive. There’s a MARTA station in Lindbergh if you prefer public transportation.

Lindridge­-Martin Manor Resources

You’ll find a United States Post Office on the other side of Interstate 85, in Lindbergh/Morosgo. Lindridge-Martin Manor is in Atlanta City Council district 6. The Lindridge-Martin Manor Neighborhood Association also strives to enhance the livability of the area.

Lindridge­-Martin Manor Zip Codes

The zip code serving Lindridge­-Martin Manor is 30324.