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Detroit MI Cityscape

Overview of Downtown Detroit

Downtown Detroit is a commercial and residential district on the banks of the Detroit River that overlooks the Canadian border. The neighborhood contains several attractions, such as the International Riverfront, the MGM Grand Detroit, and several sites that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The weather never gets too warm, only occasionally rising above 80 in the summer, and dipping into the teens during the winter months. Due to low housing costs, the city has recently drawn new interest from artists and writers.

Downtown Detroit Apartments & Rental Market

Rent for apartments in Downtown Detroit can cost around $800 for a studio or one bedroom. For more luxurious apartments with two or three bedrooms and two or three baths, rent can run over $3,000 a month. Many of these units are located in some of Detroit’s nicer high-rises and apartment buildings, which can offer spectacular views of the skyline and a number of amenities.

Downtown Dining & Entertainment

While the 2013 bankruptcy may have set the economy back, it has put the city on the map for artists and writers on a budget, and has a growing art scene. Not that art is new to the city. The Detroit Institute of the Arts dates back to 1927, and is one of the most famous attractions in the city. The building’s enormous art building contains over a hundred galleries.

Detroit’s music scene is not bad, either. Downtown Detroit hosts an annual jazz festival in August, presents the Detroit Music Awards in the spring, and you can always find music somewhere. Downtown Detroit also offers a wide range of restaurants, bars, hotels, and nightclubs. Whether you want to gamble at the casino, dance at a club, or enjoy buffalo wings with a beer, there are plenty of dining and entertainment options to choose from.

Pet Friendly Apartments & Resources

Many Downtown Detroit apartments allow both dogs and cats, and after three years of planning and hard work, Detroit pet owners built their first dog park on May 1, 2014. While the city itself may only have one off-leash dog park, there are a number of others scattered throughout the state, including several along the shores of Lake St. Clair. Several of these are only a short distance from the city.

Commuting in Downtown Detroit

Living and working in Downtown Detroit would make commuting easy. The Detroit People Mover is a railway that loops through Downtown Detroit, and works well for sporting events and convention visitors. There are a number of plans and proposals for new transit projects to help improve Detroit transportation. There are also several major roads and highways that run in and around downtown. I-75 -- or the Chrysler Freeway -- can become quite crowded as workers return home.

Schools & Educational Options

There are 27 high schools in the city of Detroit, which are served by Michigan Public Schools. There are no schools in Downtown Detroit proper, but there are several in adjacent neighborhoods, including elementary schools, high schools, and an international school. Downtown Detroit houses a community college, the University Of Detroit School Of Law, and a vocational school. Nearby, there are campuses for several other specialized programs, including dentistry, medicine, and pharmaceutical studies.