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Portland OR Cityscape

Overview of Downtown Portland

Downtown Portland doesn’t have the skyscraper-laden skyline that most big cities have; but then again, Portland has always been a little weird. While it does have a few high-rise offices and apartments, Downtown Portland is significantly smaller than other large metropolitan areas. That’s not to suggest that it’s lacking for activity though. Downtown Portland is filled with businesses, shops, and plenty of places to dine, drink, and explore. From the public transit to the close proximity to work, there are plenty of reasons to consider Downtown Portland as the location for your future home.

Downtown Portland Apartments & Info

Downtown Portland does have some more affordable apartment options, but for the most part rentals in this area are among the most expensive in the city. A typical studio apartment usually rents from anywhere between $900 and $1400 per month. One bedroom apartments in Downtown Portland often run between $1100 and $1800 per month. If it’s a newer high-rise building with a 24-hour fitness center, that is obviously going to cost more than something a little more basic. Depending on your needs and your budget, there are all sorts of options that can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Restaurants, Attractions, & Activities

While this neighborhood works hard during the day, on nights and weekends it is full of fun places to visit, explore, eat, and just observe. From large retail shops to smaller specialty shops like the Radish Underground, it’s easy to find the latest trends or unique, custom items. On a night out in Downtown Portland, you can grab a drink with friends at Departure, sing some karaoke at the Ambassador Restaurant and Lounge, and finish up the night watching a comedian at Helium Comedy Club. And with no sales tax you can enjoy the hundreds of options at lower cost. Score!

Pet Friendly Resources Downtown

Many Downtown Portland apartments cater to your family pets, so you’re probably wondering if the neighborhood atmosphere is pet friendly as well. You can find supplies and food for your pets at places like Portland Pet Supply, Pets on Broadway, and Furever Pets. There are community events held often like the community Doggie Dash, garage sales, and plant sales to raise money for shelter animals and the local area. Downtown Portland also has plenty of parks and recreational areas to exercise your pet like Central Bark and Fido's Indoor Dog Park. So yeah, I’d say it’s a pretty good place to raise a four-legged family.

Commuting in Portland, OR

No need to buy a car! All public transportation begins and ends in Downtown Portland, and many employers even offer discounts or free WES passes. For active commuters, the Bike Commuter allows residents access to bike rentals for travelling around Downtown. There is also a Portland Carpool Association for those who want to help keep greenhouse gasses down and share the cost of fuel. Travelling in Portland is easy; choosing what way to travel is the difficult part.

School Districts in Portland, OR

Lincoln High School is among the highest rated schools in the city, and it just so happens to be the zoned school for residents of Downtown Portland. Chapman (K-5) and West Sylvan (6-8) are the other public schools for this neighborhood, but there are also many charter schools, international schools, and private schools for students to attend. As always, we recommend talking to other parents in the area for their advice and opinions on schools!