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Philadelphia PA Cityscape

Overview of Center City

From South Street up to Vine Street, from the Delaware River across to the Schuylkill, Center City apartments decorate a wealth of neighborhoods. This part of Philadelphia may be the central business district, but it’s also the third most densely populated downtown in the United States. That means you should expect engaged action night and day. This is where you’ll find both hipsters and history. There are posh parts of Center City and other areas better suited for late-night lounging. If you want to live near the Liberty Bell, sashay past skyscrapers, or declare your independence, Center City may be the perfect place for you.

Center City Lifestyle and Entertainment

Neighborhoods in this district range from sedate to sizzling. Old City is happening with hip galleries, trendy eateries, and nightclubs. The Historic District is where you’ll find Philly’s biggest attractions, such as Independence National Historical Park. Along the Delaware River, the Waterfront stays busy all hours of the day. That’s the part of town you’ll hit for your festival fix. If you’re looking for greenery, head to one of the public commons that brighten the district, like Rittenhouse or Franklin squares. There’s also the Schuylkill River Park and Fairmont Park to the west.

Center City Info and the Rental Market

Living in Center City tends to be pricey, but many different sorts can find satisfaction with the area’s wide range of rentals. You can score loft apartments, condos, and even some tiny row houses in Old City. On Society Hill, brick homes and more contemporary residences are more common. You can rent a high-rise apartment in Rittenhouse Square or a recently rehabbed condo as well. All kinds of folks live in this part of Philly, from starving students to CEOs.

While prices vary across the district’s neighborhoods, you should expect to pay around $2,100 a month for a Center City apartment. In general, prices trend higher as you head west through the area. There are plenty of public transit options available if you need to commute around the Philadelphia.

Center City Resources

The Independence Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia system is on 7th Street in Center City East. United States Post Offices are easily found throughout this part of town. Center City falls in City of Philadelphia City Council districts 1, 2, and 5. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is just one of the medical facilities located in Center City. You’ll also find City Hall here if you need to get official.

Center City Zip Codes

Zip codes serving Center City are 19102, 19103, 19106, 19107, 19109, 19110, 19146, and 19147.