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Overview of Mount Airy

Eclectic Mount Airy is mostly residential, but that doesn’t make it dull. It’s a northwest Philly neighborhood that’s undergoing a welcome renaissance. Along Germantown Avenue—the main drag—restaurants and shops attract young families keen on character. Reasonable rents and relative safety combine with a small town vibe to give Mount Airy apartments a welcoming atmosphere.

Mount Airy is named after the estate of William Allen, Chief Justice of the Province of Pennsylvania. His home was built on Germantown Avenue in 1750. Most of the area saw development much later, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Historically, Mount Airy was part of Germantown. These days it can be challenging to know precisely where the border between the two lies.

Mount Airy Lifestyle and Entertainment

Germantown Avenue serves as Mount Airy’s main commercial strip. There you’ll find a good selection of local shops, eateries, boutiques, coffee shops, a gastropub, and a wine bar. Most of the neighborhood places are independent, but there are a few chain stores. One of the highlights here is Weavers Way Co-op, a popular grocery store. There’s also the 1920s Art Deco Sedgwick Theater where you can catch a film. Wissahickon Gorge forms the neighborhood’s western border and there are scattered playgrounds around as well.

Mount Airy Info and the Rental Market

What you’ll have to spend for a Mount Airy apartment depends on which side of Germantown Avenue you’re hunting in. An East Mount Airy rental averages $763 a month. In West Mount Airy prices are higher, with the average rent coming in at $1,229. You’ll find everything from three-story stone Victorians to modern developments on the tree-lined streets in this neighborhood.

Mount Airy is primarily residential, popular with politically liberal young families, those with higher degrees, and lesbians. It’s also been long recognized for its successful racial integration, which was especially impressive in the 1950s and ‘60s. You’ll have access to good public transportation options from Mount Airy. The neighborhood is located between two SEPTA train lines.

Mount Airy Resources

The Lovett Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia system is on Germantown Avenue in Mount Airy. There’s a United States Post Office right there as well. Mount Airy falls within City of Philadelphia City Council District 8.

Mount Airy Zip Codes

The zip code serving Mount Airy is 19119.