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Nashville TN Cityscape

Overview of East Nashville

Located across the Cumberland River from Nashville proper, East Nashville is an eclectic mix of artistic and creative elegance. A mecca for artists of all kinds, here you will find art galleries as well as coffee houses that double as art galleries. This area is mostly residential and mixed use zones with businesses lining the main thoroughfares. The population of East Nashville is more than 25,000 people with the median age being around 33 years of age. If a young, hip environment with affordable rent sounds like the perfect place for you, keep reading to learn more about East Nashville.

East Nashville Apartments & Rent

The rent in East Nashville is significantly cheaper than apartments just across the river. For example, one bedroom apartments in East Nashville cost between $550 and $800 per month, while three bedroom apartments max out around $1000. East Nashville is definitely a great place for those looking to feel safe, save money, and not be too far from all of the best activities Nashville has to offer.

Dining & Entertainment in East Nashville

In the East Nashville neighborhood, two types of cuisine stand out; meat and three style and hot chicken. A meat and three goes back to cafeteria days when a protein and three sides was a balanced meal and the hot chicken dish refers to cayenne coated fried chicken. In addition to the two signature dishes, there are all of the usual suspects such as, pizza, steak, tacos and quite a few upscale restaurants to please any palate. And, of course, you’re in Music City so there are a ton of small venues and bars that have live music every night of the week!

Pet Friendly Apartments & Services

Finding pet friendly apartments in East Nashville is doable, but there are definitely some properties that do not make any exceptions to allow pets. Luckily, once you find your place there are a ton of neighborhood services for pets. If you’re in need of pet sitting, there are quite a few to choose from, for example, Bow Wow Camp for your canine friends and Miss Kitty for your felines. Camp Bow Wow is available for day camp or boarding, as well as training. There are several pet groomers in town and a mobile veterinary clinic, as well as, a veterinary hospital on Woodland Street.

Traveling Around Nashville, TN

There are plenty of bus connections to transport you to and from East Nashville, but you may want to try the Commuter Rail and leave your cars at home. It is a much more pleasant ride and cuts down on traffic jams and late arrivals. Walking and bicycling are quite popular around the neighborhood and if you are going to be out at night, you may want to use the plentiful taxi and car services available.

East Nashville Schools & Education

Being that Nashville is the Music City, it is not surprising that you can attend the Nashville School of Music or the one the educational programs at the Nashville Symphony Center. For those that would rather just listen to the music and get a more traditional education there are various charter schools in addition to public schools for kindergarten through grade 12.