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Overview of Kessler

In the sprawl of a vast city like Dallas, it’s sometimes difficult to find a small, tight-knit community where you can get to know your neighbors by name. There are a few exceptions to the hustle and bustle, such as Kessler Park Dallas; a stunning residential area with old-growth landscaping and impressive architecture. Cindy Pierce, President of Kessler Neighbors United, said: “We know our neighbors, married couples and singles, with or without children, retired, or ‘upwardly mobile,’ artisans, golfers, scholars, busy professionals or soccer moms, all unite in their love of the Kessler community.”

This neighborhood has mostly flown under the radar for renters because it’s known for having more expensive house prices than other areas of the Dallas. However, Kessler Park apartments tend to be affordable, safe, and they benefit from the long-time home-owners who have pride for their neighborhood and strive to keep their streets and public spaces clean.

Food & Entertainment in Kessler

Kessler Park apartments are situated near the Bishop Arts District, which consequently is the place where most of the people in Kessler and the surrounding neighborhoods go for dinner and entertainment. This urban oasis of delightful shops and delectable restaurants is known to Dallas locals as the “Bishop Eats District,” and offers all sorts of ethnic foods, coffee shops, and that famous Texas barbecue. Bishop’s artistic ambiance influences Kessler Park Dallas and the communities surrounding it, and lends a unique feel to the greater Oak Cliff area in general.

Pet-Friendly Kessler Apartments

A quick search will show you that all of our Kessler Park apartments allow both cats and dogs, which for pet owners is a huge weight off your searching-for-a-rental shoulders! Another perk is that the nearby Bishop Arts District offers several options for pet stores and dog grooming. Kessler Park Dallas is located within the greater Oak Cliff area, which houses several animal clinics for you to choose from. For those outdoor-loving pets, most properties in the neighborhood are very close to Lake Cliff Park or Oak Cliff Founders Park, so it’s easy to take a nice walk and enjoy the warm Texas weather.

Commuting From Kessler

Kessler Park Dallas has extremely convenient access to both I-30 and I-35E, so as long as there are no traffic accidents you can travel to most other areas of the city and suburbs within thirty minutes. If you work downtown, your commute will be very quick by car or by public transit.

Education Options in Kessler

We’re not going to lie: people tend to have negative things to say about the Dallas Independent School District in general. Kessler Park apartments have a nearby public option for elementary school, but once your child hits middle school they will have to travel out of the neighborhood. If you opt for public schools for middle and high school, most schools offer bus systems to kids that are father out. There are also many private school options throughout Dallas that you might want to investigate.