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Overview of North Seattle

Exactly what people mean when they talk about North Seattle apartments varies widely. Some include anything above the ship canal that connects Lake Washington to Puget Sound. Others mean only the section of the city north of 85th Street. Any way you slice it, however, this is a significant piece of real estate.

Using the more limited definition, most of the neighborhoods in North Seattle are residential. You can find a few busier commercial areas, such as near the Northgate Mall or along Lake City Way, however. Most of Seattle’s attractions may be located closer to the city center, but that helps keep North Seattle sedate. Neighborhoods here include Broadview, Bitter Lake, North Park, Haller Lake, Northgate, Maple Leaf, Pinehurst, Lake City, and others.

North Seattle Lifestyle and Entertainment

Living in North Seattle won’t put you in the hip part of the city, but it will set you up with plenty of eating and entertainment options. Northgate Mall is the largest commercial center here and its list of tenants includes all the usual suspects. You can find a fair selection of chain and local restaurants up this way, serving everything from burgers to Persian honey pastries. As for alcohol, most of your drinking options in North Seattle fall into the local pub category. These get scarcer as you move farther north. If you’re looking to spend some time outdoors, there are a handful of country clubs in North Seattle. Carkeek Park in Broadview has hiking trails, picnic areas, and a beach.

North Seattle Info and the Rental Market

North Seattle rentals should suit most tastes and budgets. You can rent everything from a studio apartment to a massive single-family home here. Some neighborhoods are serene and leafy green; others are busier and grittier. The average rent on a two-bedroom North Seattle apartment ranges from around $1,200 a month in Broadview to over $1,600 a month in Matthews Beach.

Commuting from this part of the city will take a bit of time. Interstate 5 is the main thoroughfare if you’re driving yourself. Public buses will also take you Downtown with little fuss and only a reasonable wait.

North Seattle Resources

There are branches of the Seattle Public Library system in Broadview, Lake City, and Northgate. You can find a United States Post Office on North 145th Street, 8th Avenue N.E., and elsewhere. Northwest Hospital and Kindred Hospital are both in North Seattle. City residents elect their mayor and nine city council members at large, i.e. without regard to neighborhood.

North Seattle Zip Codes

Zip codes serving North Seattle are 98103, 98115, 98117, 98125, 98133, and 98177