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Alabama Apartments and Homes


The state seal of Alabama features a no-frills map with a dozen or so rivers as its only landmarks. This simple depiction is a nice introduction to a state that is proud of its natural beauty. Whether you prefer the quiet charm of mountains and riverbanks, the laidback feel of white-sand beaches along the Gulf Coast or the faster pace of modern, bustling cities, Alabama offers apartments for rent to suit every lifestyle and budget. Speaking of budget, newcomers to Alabama are especially attracted by the low cost of living; houses, apartment rentals, taxes and utility costs are among the most competitive in the nation.

What to Expect

Residents of Alabama love living here and are proud of their communities. A thriving industrial economy peacefully coexists with a clean environment, and residents enjoy short commutes between their apartments and their office. Alabama also attracts residents with its comfortable climate, boasting warmth and sunshine for most of the year. Summers rarely creep much higher than 90 degrees, while winters are blissfully mild. Snow is almost unheard of except at the highest mountain altitudes.

Where to Explore

Apartments abound in all four of Alabama's major regions: the North Region, Central Region, Southeast Region and Gulf Coast. The hard part is choosing which area suits you best. Considering the landscape, major cities and point of interest may help narrow it down.

North Region

Also known as the Mountain Region, this beautiful land is known for its stunning natural beauty rich with canyons, rivers and lakes. Outdoor activities are the hobby of choice, with enthusiasts taking their pick of hiking, climbing, water sports or simply relaxing in the great outdoors. When one must go inside to earn a living, the cities of Florence, Huntsville, Madison, Decature and Cullman offer industry, entertainment, great apartment rentals and the other necessities of life.

Central Region

As the metropolitan hub of Alabama, the Central Region provides the diversity and faster pace of living that many up-and-comers are drawn to. This area is also the intellectual point of gravity for the state; the University of Alabama, Auburn University and many smaller educational institutions are located here. Birmingham, the state's most populous city, offers up big-city living complete with skyscrapers, fabulous restaurants, diverse employment opportunities and a huge variety of apartments for rent. Don't get too caught up in the image of a big city, though. Outside of cities like Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Anniston and Gadsden, the Central Region soothes the eye and feeds the soul with its rolling prairie lands, magnificent forests and meandering rivers.

Southeast Region

People are often drawn to the southeast corner of Alabama for its natural beauty and fame as a fisherman's paradise; Lake Eufaula is known as the Big Bass Capital of the World, and numerous rivers and waterways throughout the region attract fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The Wiregrass area is a thriving agricultural region where fields of soybeans, corn and peanuts stretch to the horizon. Montgomery is not only Alabama's state capital and second most populous city, but also a living history lesson with its famous Shakespeare Festival, Rosa Parks Library, Civil Rights Memorial and countless other attractions.

Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast region's most famous attraction is its sugar-white sandy beaches, which many believe are among the world's most pure and beautiful. If your idea of paradise includes affordable apartments mere blocks or miles from the beach, Alabama's Gulf Coast may be the answer to your dreams. The city of Mobile is located right on the Gulf, offering a fantastic place to live with its breathtaking sunsets, lush foliage, historic and modern architecture, amazing museums, diverse arts and culture and famous seafood creations.

What to Evaluate

With its stunning natural beauty, interesting history and affordable apartments in abundant supply, Alabama may well top your list of places you'd like to live. If you're not locked into one of the major metropolitan areas, such as Birmingham or Montgomery, you'll have the freedom to choose your destination based on the finer aspects of life, such as what kind of view you prefer or which outdoor hobbies suit you best. Whether you're drawn to the water or the mountains, the busy cities or teh small agricultural towns, Alabama offers a sweet home to settle into and enjoy.

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