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Overview of Phoenix

Whether you're a student transferring to ASU, a retiree looking for a milder climate, or a business person in search of new opportunities in Phoenix, a 1 bedroom apartment can be a perfect accommodation for starting out in a new city. One bedroom apartments can be found in most rental areas in Phoenix, a growing metro area of more than 6 million people and 9000 sq mi. And despite its large size, Phoenix has a reputation for providing a small-town feel and friendly atmosphere rich in history and saturated in sunshine. If you're moving to Phoenix from a colder climate, you may feel you've entered endless-summer land, but once you're settled in your apartment, you'll feel right at home.

Phoenix Neighborhoods for 1 Bedroom Apartments

Downtown Phoenix, AZ, keeps its residents connected to the global economy and local business attractions. Because of its size and ability to serve as a major business and transportation hub, Phoenix is on par with other cities its size in terms of job growth and the latest in arts and entertainment. And with its metro rail and public transportation, residents can commute easily between parts of Phoenix and its suburbs. Downtown areas in most cities typically have more to offer in terms of 1 bedroom apartments and cheap rentals because of the abundance of larger building complexes. Choosing a 1 bedroom apartment in the downtown area can drastically reduce commute time to job in the city. With all the extra time saved, you can use your prime location to get to know modern Phoenix and all it has to offer.

Located in Tempe, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona State University serves almost like a hub of its own. With tens of thousands of students in and out of the area, Tempe is bustling with activity, local business, and sports. Because the area caters primarily to students, 1 bedroom apartments and studio apartments are abundant hot commodities. Don't let the student population scare you off if you're no longer a student. Instead, take advantage of the youthful atmosphere, lower rent, and be sure to take in a Sun Devils game.

Phoenix, like many western cities, also consists of several suburbs. Choosing to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in a suburb may add to your commute time; however it also can put you in closer proximity to community pools and golf courses, dog parks, and other features of small neighborhoods. If the quiet, relaxed nature of a suburb appeals more to you than the downtown scene, search for a 1 bedroom apartment in neighborhoods just outside of downtown Phoenix.

Keeping Your 1 Bedroom Apartment Cool

Phoenix is an oasis city in a desert and it is known for its high temperatures throughout most of the year. To stay cool, the city is adept at equipping its residential properties with air conditioning and appropriate insulation. When you're looking for your 1 bedroom apartment in Phoenix, talk to the landlord and neighbors about how they deal with the heat. Native and long-term residents will be able to offer a clear idea of what to expect in terms of AC use and whether you may want to purchase a ceiling or floor fan for parts of the apartment. If you're looking at a 1 bedroom apartment in an older building, you may want to ask about the type, quality, and age of the insulation and roofing to get an idea of whether you may need to use the AC more or less during the year. Once you move into your apartment, pay attention to how the sun hits your home during different times of the day. You may be able to keep your apartment cooler if you keep curtains closed on the west-facing side in late afternoon, for example.

Your Time in Phoenix

The first thing to know about Phoenix (and most of Arizona, with some exceptions) is that it does not use Daylight Saving Time. Most of the year, the region falls within Mountain Standard Time, however, during the Daylight Saving Time months of March through November it falls within Pacific Daylight Time. If you've lined up appointments to view 1 bedroom apartments, make sure you're there at the right time.