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Overview of Phoenix

Cheap is a relative term. Apartments in Phoenix may be more affordable than in larger metro areas like Los Angeles and New York, however you may still have to stick to a one or two bedroom apartment instead of a larger rental property. When searching online for cheap Phoenix apartments, start by searching within your rental budget and organize your search results from low to high. Look for common factors among the rental apartments that have the price range you're looking for; perhaps none of them have pools or they're all in larger complexes rather than smaller buildings. If you can identify a few things that cause the rental to fall into that price bracket, you can search for those qualities in various Phoenix neighborhoods to find the right apartment for you.

To get a nice apartment with cheap rent, you may need to consider finding or becoming a roommate. Sharing rent and utility expenses can be a major financial benefit if you're happy sharing the space with another person. Weighing the pros and cons of entering this apartment living situation in order to get a reduced rent is a personal decision to make based on your lifestyle and goals.

Location, of course, is a main factor in property value. If you're having a hard time finding rents low enough for you in a specific area of Phoenix, try one of the neighboring suburbs and widen your search.

Making Cheap Chic in Phoenix

Cheap apartments sometimes are cheap because they're a little older or slightly less well-maintained than newer properties. If the outside of the building is a little rough around the edges but the price is right, focus on how you can enhance the interior of your apartment home. Incorporating bright colors in the kitchen and living room and calm colors in the bedroom can give your home a flow and feel conducive to how you function in that space. Low-maintenance house plants that don't require too much light or attention also can add life and color to drab areas.

With some of the money you save on rent in your cheap apartment, you can invest in a little décor to reflect your personal style. Just because your apartment is cheap doesn't mean it can't be chic. Explore your neighborhood in Phoenix for ideas, especially areas that are known for antiques; you never know what perfect piece of furniture or decoration you might find.