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08.10.2018 | 4 Minute Read | By Just Us Gals

While scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, it’s easy to get lifestyle envy.

People show the best of the best on their social media feeds, and it can be disheartening to look up into the reality of your own life after seeing multiple snapshots of perfectly Instagrammable homes.

But, it doesn’t take a million dollars to decorate like a digital influencer. Here are our favorite affordable DIY projects that will turn your space from drab to fab!

1. Decorating with hats

DIY decor hats

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As summer comes to a close, put your straw hats to good use by hanging them on a blank wall for a boho-chic look.

A hammer and nails – or command hooks if you’re worried about putting nails in the wall – are all you need to quickly add this bit of flair to a room. If you don’t have enough hats on hand to properly your intended gallery wall, stop by a local thrift store or search for gently used hats online at sites like ThredUp.

You can also achieve a similar look with straw baskets or placemats!

2. Plants, plants, plants

DIY decor plants

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One of the easiest ways to make your space instantly more luxe is by adding lots of plants. If you already have a few houseplants, propagating them is a great DIY project!

To do this, take small clippings from your pre-existing plants and put them in water for a few days or weeks until the clippings sprout their own roots, then go ahead and plant those in soil in the pot of your choice. If you don’t have any plants at home yet, start with something easy. Spider plants and snake plants –despite their names – are very approachable starter plants. Both need minimal light and water to survive.

Succulents are smaller, but also a great choice.

3. Mixed prints

DIY decor mixed prints

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Spice up your living room by playing with the prints you already have on hand.

Take a throw blanket from a bedroom and drape it over the back of a couch. Use some old fabric and sew it into new covers for decorative pillows. If you have area rugs in multiple rooms, switch them around and see how they look in a new space. Something might surprise you. Rearranging your furniture and fabrics lets you play creatively without spending any money.

4. Reading nook

DIY decor reading nook

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We love the idea of creating a tranquil, cozy reading space. Designating an area like this is perfect for meditation, journaling or snuggling up with your favorite book. Talk about hygge!

Find a space in your home where you can add a chair or bench and set it up with cozy pillows, blankets and light. Small changes to just a corner of your living space will remind you to take time for yourself.

5. Minimize

DIY decor minimize

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It’s amazing how removing clutter can transform a space.

Give any room a total refresh by clearing all non-essential items from every surface, including the walls. Taking everything besides furniture out of a room – even the things you like – will give you a fresh canvas. Invest in storage solutions to keep excess items out of sight or donate things that you don’t need. Try to showcase just a few books on your shelves rather than your entire collection. White space is pleasing to the eye and will give any room a more calming atmosphere.

Before rearranging your items back into the room, give it a deep cleaning. Trust us, this will make a world of difference when you’re ready to take photos of the room for Insta!

6. Grey-blue accents

DIY decor grey blue

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One gorgeous trend we’ve been noticing on Pinterest is the transition from all-white interiors to incorporating shades of grey and blue. These colors still maintain that serene ambiance, while adding a little more visual interest to the space.

So if you went all-in on the white interior design trend, update your look by adding pops of blue. One easy way to do this is by painting one small but key piece of furniture in the room. Then add a few throw pillows to pull the look together.

7. Botanic prints

DIY decor botanic prints

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Actual plants aren’t the only way to add a touch of nature to your living space. Hanging botanic prints are a wonderful and whimsical way to incorporate greenery.

Search used bookstores for botany books or any other illustrated science books, and choose a few of your favorite designs to hang on a gallery wall. Make the look more polished by framing them or by ordering larger, framed botanic prints on Etsy.

8. Shoe Storage

DIY Decor shoe storage

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No mud room? No problem.

There are still easy, space-efficient ways to reduce outdoor dust and residue from tracking into your home. One such method is to purchase or repurpose a large tray and fill it with smooth stones. These stones can be found and yard and garden stores in all shapes and sizes and are often fairly cheap. Place the tray of stones near your home’s entrance and leave boots there to dry – voila!

9. Spa details

DIY decor spa

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With the rise of the self-care trend and emphasis on mental and physical health, it isn’t surprising that making your bedroom and bathroom look like a spa is a hot trend on social media.

While we know that it’s costly to re-tile a bathroom or invest in a luxury bathtub, there are still a few quick ways to transform any bedroom or bathroom into a soothing spa-like oasis. These include adding candles next to your bathtub, putting a vase of fresh flowers next to the sink and decorating with natural sea sponges!

10. Gold accents

DIY decor gold

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A can of metallic gold spray paint can go a long way when you’re trying to refresh the look of your living space.

Pick a few items – a vase, a planter, a photo frame, etc. – then clean these items thoroughly and spray them gold in a well-ventilated area. When they’re dry, use them to spruce up a bookshelf, media console or coffee table area.

Gold is classic, chic and easy to DIY!

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